Monday, April 30, 2018

Reflecting on the Great Homeschool Convention (GHC) 2018...

For the past couple of weeks, I've been thinking about my trip to Cincinnati, OH for the Midwest Great Homeschool Convention (GHC). This was my third year attending and I wasn't disappointed. The vendor hall was grand as usual and the speakers were amazing! I thought I'd take a bit of time today to review my notes and record some thoughts for those of you thinking about attending an upcoming GHC.

After over nine hours, we arrived in Cincinnati Wednesday evening. I rode with a friend from our CM Study Group and her husband, but didn't have a roommate this year, which was highly unusual. RileyAnn has traveled with me to nearly every homeschool conference I attended for the past seven years. I was bummed when she didn't want to go this year, but I totally understood. However, Wednesday evening was really lonely! Thankfully, it didn't last long, as I woke to an action packed Thursday.

First off Thursday, I worked at helping set up the Beautiful Feet Books booth. Then I finally met in person and had lunch with Brandy Vencel from Afterthoughts blog and Mystie Winckler from Simply Convivial. What a treat to meet online friends in real life! Thursday evening was spent in seminars, as well as much of Friday and Saturday. I will highlight each session below. But, first, I want to share a list of the purchases I made in the vendor hall...

Excellence in Literature by Janice Campbell
- Introduction to Literature
- Literature and Composition
- American Literature

Old Western Culture: The Greeks - The Epics by Wesley Callihan, sold by Roman Roads Media

Jack's Insects Narration & Nature Study Notebook by Karen Smith at Simply Charlotte Mason

Beautiful Feet Books
- Around the World with Picture Books, Part 1 guide by Rea Berg
- Maps by Aleksandra Mizielinska and Daniel Mizielinski
- Anno's China by Mitsumasa Anno

A Practical Guide to Culture: Helping the Next Generation Navigate Today's World John Stonestreet

My purchases were much less than in the past because I tried to be very intentional in my choices. Really, the only unplanned purchase was the Excellence in Literature. I was just so impressed after hearing Janice Campbell speak that I took the plunge and bought a few of her high school literature courses. I have a couple of different ideas for their use, of which I will write more about in future posts.

There were so many great speakers and seminars to attend at the Midwest GHC. It was really difficult to choose. Usually, I had checked anywhere from 3 - 5 sessions every hour on my workshop schedule. Obviously, this is not possible, so I had to narrow it down. Thursday was a bit of a bust simply because both sessions I chose turned out to be more of a 101 on familiar topics. Friday and Saturday held more depth.

Like I mentioned above, I was very intrigued by Janice Campbell since she spoke on many of the topics of which I've spoke in the past and are relevant to my homeschool situation. She felt like a kindred spirit. I ended up attending three of her talks. Martin Cothran from Memoria Press is another of my all time favorite speakers. He appears extremely well-read and intelligent, and yet, he can bring it down to a highly understandable level. I have great respect for him. The Classical Education panel is always entertaining. However, given time constraints and the fact that I've seen them several times in the past, I only attended one of their panel discussions this time. Speaking of panels, the Schole Sisters panel was fun. I loved their book sharing ideas and was pleased that I owned and/or have read all but two on their list.

Here's a brief rundown of my notes and/or a description of each session I attended...

Thursday Workshops

Living Books: The Ultimate Box-Set Curriculum by Adam Andrews - This turned out to be an introduction to Teaching the Classics by Adam and Missy Andrews, which is a program I'm familiar with and have used with our Middle School Book Club. Adam read aloud The Biggest Bear by Lynd Ward and then showed us how to talk through it by using the Socratic method of asking questions. One of my biggest take-aways from this session was a comment Adam made at the very beginning, when he said something like in order to teach your children, all you need is love. He was making a point that you don't need fancy degrees because you are already vested in your child and that love will help you provide the best for them. One thing I'm still questioning/pondering about Adam's talk is when he said, "A living book doesn't come alive until you understand what the author is saying." I'm not sure Charlotte Mason would agree with this statement....hmmm?!

The Child as a Person by Lisa Cadora

Ms. Cadora was representing the Charlotte Mason Institute and I was excited to see and learn more about their organization. I love Charlotte's Principle 1, Children are born persons, so I was interested to hear her expound on this. Unfortunately, there wasn't much new information so I only stuck around for the first half hour. Cadora primarily reviewed Charlotte's twenty principles, which I've studied in depth with our CM Study Group. It didn't really give me more insight on Principle 1. I left early and popped into the following session...

Faith & Thinking: Is There Room for Both in the Homeschool? by Andrew Kern

Andrew Kern always provides food for thought, though sometimes too much. He speaks very philosophically so jumping in at the mid point of his talk, was extremely difficult! He was talking about the differences/similarities between faith and thinking. Something that stuck with me is, "Faith is not the same as thought - faith allows for thinking." He also talked about the Prodigal Son vs. the older brother. He said the following in regard to love and harmony at random points throughout the latter part of his talk...

"We can't love without Truth."
"Harmony is in the Holy Trinity."
"When we find harmony we overcome discord in ourselves."

I finished up Thursday evening helping out in the Beautiful Feet Books booth. It was family night and the last hour was quite busy in the vendor hall.

Friday Workshops

What is Classical Education? by Martin Cothran

I assumed this workshop may not provide a ton of new information, but again, I really enjoy listening to Mr. Cothran speak. I was not disappointed. Throughout the talk, Cothran explained the history of classical education. He began by briefly discussing The Lost Tools of Writing by Dororthy Sayers. He then went on to explain two educational movements in America:

1. John Dewey - Progressive
2. Pragmatism

Cothran talked about the progression of modern public education as a result of the two movements. I am familiar with some of the initiatives he mentioned as they were in effect while I was on my local public school board.

After this, Cothran went back to describe classical education in ancient times, comparing and contrasting it with today. He talked about his son that practiced law. Then left that career to start a very successful software engineering company. His story was reassuring.

Cothran closed with three cultures to study if you're interested in classical education: culture of Athens, Rome, and Jerusalem (Hebrew). He stated classical education is a culmination of the Great Books, the Liberal Arts, and the study of those three cultures. Down in the vendor hall, I also picked up a brochure written by Cothran, published by Memoria Press, titled, What is Classical Education?. It's a wonderful overview of his talk in an extremely understandable format. I highly recommend getting a copy if you're interested in learning more about what classical ed is.

An Introduction to Effective Socratic Discussion: Why Do We Do It and How to Do It Well by Dr. Christopher Perrin

Mr. Perrin began with a similar sentiment to Adam Andews when he said, you don't need a degree to teach your students. Perrin went on to discuss the Socratic Tradition, of course, dating back to Socrates, and the four styles of Socratic discussion. A few thoughts that resonated with me from Dr. Perrin's talk were:

1. Socratic discussion takes 5-10 years to master. It's a skill or an art.
2. There's no substitute for a well trained mind.
3. There is no substitute for reading the books and talking about them.

Charlotte Mason's Secret to Successfully Leading Your Homeschool by Brandy Vencel

This was my first chance to hear Brandy speak and I really enjoyed it! Her talk focused on "masterly activity", a concept taken from Charlotte Mason's Vol. 3, School Education, which is a volume I have not yet read. Brandy highlighted nine characteristics of masterly inactivity and some tools for helping us to attain it. I'm really looking forward to reading Vol. 3, particularly after hearing Brandy's talk.

Schole Sisters Panel: Carpe Librum: What to Read as a Classical, Charlotte Mason Mom by Brandy Vencel, Pam Barnhill, and Mystie Winckler

It was great to see the Schole Sisters in person! Mystie moderated the panel, beginning with an explanation of "schole". Then each of them took turns sharing a recommended book to further knowledge on a Classical Charlotte Mason Education. There were five categories of books including: 101, 201, 301, non-fiction, and fiction. Not only did they share their love of books, but they also gave away copies of most of the books they recommended. It was fun to see each of their personalities come out in their book recommendations.

How to Teach with Living Books by Janice Campbell

This is a subject very near and dear to my heart so I couldn't miss this talk! I was thrilled to find out that Janice Campbell was a veteran home educator, who had homeschooled her four boys throughout. I find it very difficult to find veteran moms that have stuck with home educating through high school and are willing to share their wisdom. Ms. Campbell is a gem! Again, this talk was not new information, but I loved hearing about her experience and the fruit of her labor, as well as, seeing her recommended book lists. Campbell also talked about the importance of narration, copywork, and commonplacing.

Classical Education Unhinged! - panel discussion with Dr. Christopher Perrin, Andrew Pudewa, Dr. Carol Reynolds, Andrew Kern, Leigh Bortins, and Martin Cothran

As usual, this panel discussion was lively and entertaining. It was a great way to end a long day of brain drain and thought.

Saturday Workshops

How to Homeschool High School by Janice Campbell

Campbell's main message in this workshop was "Education is not a rat race!" She focused on continuing to spread the feast in high school as a means to educating a child for any career/job. I could see definite Charlotte Mason love throughout each of her talks. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing home education stories about her boys and how they have succeeded in life beyond home education. Again, I found this talk very reassuring.

Spreading the Feast: How to Teach Great Literature to Teens by Janice Campbell

This was the third Janice Campbell workshop I went to and it really tied together the first two I attended. Once more, Janice suggested spreading a feast for your high schooler. She talked about beginning with the end in mind. She advised on the importance of laying the groundwork when children are young so you can read and discuss higher level classics in high school. She explained what a classic book is and how not to kill your child's love of reading them. Campbell further shared how to build reading time as a routine. She closed with information on how to present and teach classics to a high school student. Ms. Campbell has written a series of five college prep English courses with an optional honors track. I mentioned above purchasing the first three and after studying them more in depth, I'm considering buying the final two. If you are interested in home educating through high school and or using living books, I highly recommend Janice Campbell's workshops!

Well, there you have it! My thoughts on the 2018 Midwest Great Homeschool Convention. I attended many more workshops than usual this year and attempted to give a brief run down of each here. However, my experience has sparked many ideas and connections that I look forward to expounding on in future posts.

If you're interested in reading more about my adventures at the 2017 GHC, here are some thoughts I shared from last year.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Reflecting on the Past Few Months - A Life Update....

It's been some time since I've done any serious blogging here on Drywood Creek. Our days have been full. I have had many words, but not time to pen them. I have words on the final chapters of Charlotte Mason's Vol. 1, Home Education. I have words on our new CM Study Group read, The Liberal Arts Tradition by Clark and Jain. I have words on Classical Education in general as I poke and ponder a variety of sources.

Winter has been extremely long here on Drywood Creek. April has been one of the coldest on record. There have been times of mourning over the long cold winter as we lost many loved ones, including The Farmer's beloved mother, his aunt, two of my great-aunts, cousins, and friends. Just this week, the sun finally began to show it's warmth. It feels like we're turning a corner.

There have also been times of joy over the past few months. Our dear son, Ruben, celebrated his 13th birthday at the beginning of April. All of the kids are growing at rapid speed. It is bittersweet. I am so thankful for their health and wellness. It's a gift to watch them mature. On the other hand, I know these days are fleeting fast and I'm working very hard on being present. I don't want to miss a thing.

We also have about thirty new calves here on Drywood Creek, of course, many of them were born in the bitter cold. It takes time and a great deal of nurturing to winter babies. Many life lessons have been learned.

Speaking of lessons, we have continued our academic studies. The kids are down to three weeks left of the 2017-2018 school year. I will be blogging soon about our third term, the hits and misses. I've also been planning a bit for next year. I will once again have three students as Levi enters Year 1. RileyAnn will enter 9th grade and Ruben 8th. Where or where do those years go?!!

Lastly, I was privileged to attend the Midwest Great Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati, OH for the third year in a row. I attended many speaker workshops and am working on a post to report what I learned. So stay tuned! I intend to begin blogging again soon!

In the meantime, please check out our updated book sale lists. There is much goodness there that I'd love to get in the hands of other home educators.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

April 2018 Book Sale Index by Subject....

I've been working through book sale list updates over the past couple of weeks. There have been many new treasures added to most lists, including history, literature, Five in a Row titles, poetry, science, and more. There are many fabulous titles from Ambleside Online, Beautiful Feet, Sonlight, Truthquest History, and A Visual American History Timeline of Books, as well as many other great picture and chapter books.

Below is an index by subject for easy access. I would love to add photos of each book, but the sheer volume of books listed here paired with my time constraints have not allowed me to to do that. However, if you have questions about a particular title or condition, please do ask. I'm also happy to give recommendations or send you photos when possible. Please send book lists, comments, and inquiries via the contact form on the right side bar. I accept PayPal and ship media mail anywhere in the U.S.

Thanks for your consideration,

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Math, Logic, and Science Books for Sale...

Below you will find our latest list of math, logic, and science resources for sale. I have many new wonderful science and nature lore titles available. There are sets of science books by topic toward the bottom. These are wonderful for unit studies or as aids to nature study. There are several beautiful out of print books in the sets.

The Houghton Mifflin and Scott Foresman math texts are great older hard cover math books. They are pre-common core and are a wonderful resource for teaching math concepts in a living, organic way, or giving extra practice problems. I do have some flashcards and math manipulatives as well that are not listed so let me know if you're looking for them.

The prices do not reflect shipping. I accept PayPal and ship media mail within the U.S. We are a smoke and pet free home. Please use the contact form on the right side bar to send inquires and desired list.

Thanks so much for your consideration,

Natural Science & Nature Study

Nature Portfolio throughout the Year by Barbara Shukin $10

Hands-On Physical Science Activities for Grades K-8 $4

Christian Kids Explore Earth & Space by Stephanie L. Redmond $10

Natural Science through The Seasons by James A. Partridge $15

Simple Machines Made Simple y Ralph St. Andre $3

Great Science Adventures – The Wonder of Light and Sound by Dinah Zike and Susan Simpson $3

Big Book of Books and Activities by Dinah Zike $3

Dinah Zike’s Cross – Curricular Themes $5 set
-       Insects, Butterflies, Spiders, Bees
-       Plants & Animals Raised for Food, Gardening, Health
-       Space, Universe, Solar System, Earth as a Planet
-       Colors, Numbers, Shapes, Letters
-       Air, Atmosphere, Weather

Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation by Dennis Petersen (hardcover) $4

202 Oozing, Bubbling, Dripping, & Bouncing Experiments by Janice VanCleave $2

See For Yourself More Than 100 Experiments for Science Fairs & Projects by Vicki Cobb $2

Rocks & Minerals by Janice VanCleave $2

A+ Projects in Biology by Janice VanCleave $2

The Story of Science, Einstein Adds a New Dimension by Joy Hakim (hardcover/w jacket, ex-library) $12

Science in the Creation Week by Unfred – grades 2-5 $5

The Brown Paper School Series - This Book is about Time by Marilyn Burns $2  

Making Things Float and Sink with Easy-to-make Scientific Projects $2

Usborne Internet-linked First Encyclopedia of Science SL MFW $3

Usborne Science with Magnets $3

Explorabook, A Kids’ Science Museum in a Book by John Cassidy BF $3

Adventures with Atoms and Molecules, Chemistry Experiments for Young People by Robert C. Mebane and Thomas R. Rybolt $3

Storey’s Guide to Raising Rabbits by Bob Bennett $6

Galileo’s Daughter by Dava Sobel AO 8 $4 each( x2)

North with the Spring by Edwin Way Teale (hardcover) $10

A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson $3

Deep Woods Adventure series by P.M. Malone $5 set
-       Book 1 Out of the Nest
-       Book 3 To Find a Way Home

Simple Chemistry Experiments with Everyday Materials by Louis V. Loeschnig $3

Simple Earth Science Experiments with Everyday Materials by Louis V. Loeschnig $3

The Tarantula in My Purse and 172 Other Wild Pets by Jean Craighead George WP $3 each (x2)

Volcanoes and Earthquakes by Mary Elting $4 each (x2)

White Snow Bright Snow by Alvin Tresselt $3 each (x2)

Rain Drop Splash by Alvin Tresselt $3

The Storm Book by Charlotte Zolotow (ex-library, hardcover) $8

Deer at the Brook by Jim Arnosky (ex-library) $2

Crinkleroot’s Guide to Walking in the Wild Places by Jim Arnosky $8

Flute’s Journey, the Life of a Wood Thrush by Lynne Cherry $4

Polar Bears by Gail Gibbons $4

Sea Otter Rescue, The Aftermath of an Oil Spill by Roland Smith $4 each (x2)

Cactus Hotel by Brenda Z. Guiberson SCM $4

Water’s Way by Lisa Westberg Peters $4 each (x6)

The Sun, the Wind and the Rain by Lisa Westberg Peters $4 each (x4)

City Storm by Mary Jessie Parker $2

Wind by Ron Bacon $2 each (x2)

How Superhighways are Made by David. C. Cooke (hardcover, ex-library) $3

Where Did The Butterfly Get Its Name? by Melvin and Gilda Berger $5

Do Stars Have Points? by Melvin and Gilda Berger $4

Let’s Read and Find Out About Science:
-       Plants in Winter by Joanna Cole (hardcover) $4
-       Ladybug, Ladybug, Fly Away Home by Judy Hawes (hardcover) $4

Dolphin Adventure, A True Story by Wayne Grover SL $3 each (x4)

Shark Lady, True Adventures of Eugenie Clark by Ann McGovern SCM $3

Ladybird Leaders series $10 set
-       The Stream
-       Castles
-       Leaves
-       Bread
-       The Tree and Its World

A Golden Guide: Spiders by Herbert Levi $3

Scholastic Banners: Teaching with Themes (grades 4-5) $40 set includes:

Ø  Volcanoes, Earthquakes, and Storms
-       Student Text
-       Teacher’s Theme Guide
-       Volcanoes and Earthquakes by Mary Elting
-       If You Lived at the Time of the Great San Francisco Earthquake by Ellen Levine
-       Day of the Blizzard by Marietta Moskin
-       Hurricane! by Marian Rumsey
-       The Finches’ Fabulous Furnace by Roger Drury
Ø  Save the Earth
-       Student Text
-       Teacher’s Theme Guide
-       Sea Otter Rescue, The Aftermath of an Oil Spill by Roland Smith
-       Nobody Listens to Me by Leslie Davis Guccione
-       Trouble at Marsh Harbor by Susan Sharpe
-       On the Far Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George
Ø  Oceans of Air (Macmillan/McGraw-Hill)
-       Student Text
-       Teacher Resource Masters
-       Teacher’s Anthology (unit poetry)
-       Weather by Howard E. Smith
-       2 cassettes

Scholastic Science Place Kit (grades 1-5) $20 includes:
-       Air, Sun, and Water – teacher and student books
-       What Will the Weather be like Today? By Paul Rogers
-       Sun Up, Sun Down by Gail Gibbons
-       Water Way by Lisa Westberg Peters
-       Video field trip
-       Using Water - teacher and student books
-       Experiments with Water by Bryan Murphy
-       Three Days in a Red Canoe by Bera B. Williams
-       Energy – student books
-       Simple Science Take One Mirror by Melvin Berger
-       Sound, Heat and Light, Energy at Work by Melvin Berger
-       Science Journal software
-       Light – teacher and student books
-       Rocks and Soil – teacher book
-       The Magic Schoolbus Inside the Earth by Joanna Cole

Math & Logic
Scott Foresman – Addison Wesley Daily Cumulative Review Masters – Math Student Workbook grade 1 $2

Scott Foresman Exploring Mathematics 4th grade set $50
-       Teacher’s edition
-       Student text
-       Enrichment blackline masters
-       Enrichment blackline masters key

Houghton Mifflin Mathematics Text – grade 3 (hardcover) $5

Houghton Mifflin Mathematics Text – grade 4 (hardcover) & Teacher’s Edition (spiral bound) $12

Houghton Mifflin Mathematics Text – grade 5 (hardcover) $5

Houghton Mifflin Mathematics Text – grade 7 (hardcover) & Teacher’s Edition (hardcover) $10

Every Day Counts Practice Counts student workbook & annotated teacher’s edition grade 4 $5 set

Time, Money & Fractions Grades 1-2 (School Zone) $2

Evan-Moor Daily Math Practice Grade 4 $5

Evan-Moor Daily Math Practice Grade 2 $5

Creative Math Experiences for the Young Child by Imogene Forte & Joy MacKenzie $3

Decimals: Multiplication & Division grades 4-6 $2

Teacher Created Resources Measurement grades 1&2 $2

Grocery Cart Math by Jaye Hansen $2

The Handy Math Answer Book by Patricia Barnes-Svarney & Thomas Svarney $4

Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi, A Math Adventure by Cindy Neuschwander $4

Cuisenaire Rods - $4 complete set (x2)

Magnetic Days of the Week (Today is….) (Tomorrow is….) $3 set

Summer Math Success kits – covers grades K-6 $40 set

Science Sets for Sale

Animal/Mammals/Habitats $15 set

The Magic School Bus Adventures in the Food Chain Coloring and Activity Book
Animals of the Bible by Dorothy P. Lathrop
The Racers: Speed in the Animal World by Hilda Simon
DK Eyewitness Amazing Wolves Dogs & Foxes
Nature’s Children – Hippopotamus by Sally Banks
Wallabies and Their Babies by Marianne Johnston
Who Lives Here? By Dot and Sy Barlowe
Animals Keeping Safe by Jane Burton
Animals in Their Homes by Anita Ganeri
A First Look at Animals with Horns by Millicent E. Selsam and Joyce Hunt
What is a Mammal? By Jenifer Day
An Animal Information Book – 14 book set
-       Lions & Tigers
-       Puppies & Dogs
-       Kittens & Cats
-       Zoo Animals
-       Horses & Ponies
-       Farm Animals
-       Baby Animals
-       Bears
-       Birds
-       Wild Animals
-       Monkeys & Apes
-       Sea Animals
-       Reptiles & Amphibians
-       Big & Little Animal
Misc. activities to accompany study

Plants & Trees $ 15 set

Growth and Change in Plants – The Solski Group
Plants by Linda Schwartz
Plants – From Your Friends at Mailbox
Teacher Created Material Thematic Unit Our Environment
The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry
Starting With Nature: Trees by Pamela Hickman
Seeing Science through Art Sky Tree by Thomas Locker
Corn Belt Harvest by Raymond Bial
Sugar by Sheryl Peterson
Growing Apples and Pumpkins by Amy and Richard Hutchins
Trees of the Eastern and Central United States and Canada by William M. Harlow (field guide)
Misc. activities to accompany study

Earth Science & Biomes $10 set

Our Earth, a skill-builder activity book
Science in Special Places by Lucia Kemp Henry
Teacher Created Material Thematic Unit Rocks & Soil
A Walk in the Deciduous Forest by Rebecca L. Johnson
Rivers by E. Joseph Dreany
Planet Earth Animals of Africa by Lisa L. Ryan-Herndon
The Taiga Biome by Carol Talley
Misc. activities to accompany study

Human Body & Nutrition $15 set

Food, Fact, Fun & Fiction by The Solski Group
The Human Body by The Solski Group
Your Body by Linda Schwartz
Science Pocket – Human Senses & Body Parts by Dinah Zike
Drugs & Your Body – Creative Teaching Press
The Air I Breathe by Bobbie Kalman & Janine Schaub
Looking Into My Body by Nigel Nelson
Your Lungs by Anne Ylvisaker
Your Stomach by Anne Ylvisaker
A Book About Your Skeleton by Ruth Belov Gross
Misc. activities to accompany study

Physics, Magnets, & Electricity $10 set

Delta Science – Properties of Matter
My First Batteries & Magnets Book by Jack Challoner
A True Book – Experiments with Magnets by Salvatore Tocci
Science Secrets: Magnets by Jason Cooper
Electricity Unit Study Adventures by Amanda Bennett
All About Electricity by Melvin Berger
Misc. activities to accompany study

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Language Arts, Bible/Character, and Elective Books For Sale...

Below you will find our latest list of Language Arts, Bible/Character, Elective, and misc. teaching resources for sale. A few of the books are ex-library, but most are from a private collection. Workbooks are clean, new, and unused unless noted. There is a variety of curricula and supplemental resources for language arts teaching.

The prices do not reflect shipping. We are a smoke and pet free home. I accept PayPal and ship media mail within the U.S. Please use the contact form on the right side bar to send inquires and desired list.

Thanks so much for your consideration,

Writing & Grammar Books

Language Lesson for the High School Student 2 by Sandi Queen – student book & key $10

Many Luscious Lollipops – A Book about Adjectives by Ruth Heller $4

Up, Up and Away – A Book about Adverbs by Ruth Heller $4 each (x2)

A Cache of Jewels and Other Collective Nouns by Ruth Heller $4

Little Kids Can Write! by Karen Sevaly ages 3-6 student workbook $3

The Elements of Style by William Strunk, Jr. & E. B. White (hardcover) SL AO 9 $4 each (x2)

Scholastic Success with Writing Grade 5 $3

Evan-Moor Daily Language Review Grade 2 $4

Evan-Moor Daily Language Review Grade 5 $4

Evan-Moor Daily Language Review Grade 6 $4

No Frill Grammar Drill grade 4 $2

Scholastic Narrative Writing by Tara McCarthy grades 4-8 $3

Spectrum Writing – grade 2 $3

Spectrum Writing – grade 3 $3

Spectrum Writing – grade 7 $3

Spectrum Language Arts – grade 6 $3

Teacher Created Resources Daily Warm – Ups Language Skill Grade 5 $3

The Student Editor by Virginia Allison – middle school $4

Critical Thinking Co. Editor in Chief Book A-1 $4

ETA Daily Writing Reinforcers (spiral bound with answers and teacher notes) grade 2 $3

ETA Daily Writing Reinforcers (spiral bound with answers and teacher notes) grade 4 $3

Jensen’s Grammar by Frode Jensen AO $8

Easy Grammar Ultimate by Wanda Phillips Teacher Edition Reproducible for Student use Grade 12 $10

Writer’s INC, A Guide to Writing, Thinking, & Learning MFW $5

Reading, Phonics, Vocabulary & Spelling Books

Spectrum Word Study and Phonics Grade 5 $4

Claims to Fame – Fourteen Short Biographies – Book 2 w/key by Carol Einstein $5

Bob Books – Levels 1, 2, & 3 $3 each level

Wordly Wise 3000 8 Test Booklet & Answer Key $3

Vocabulary in Action by Loyola Press Level E (student workbook) $3

Building a Strong Vocabulary by Carl B. Smith, Ph.D. $3

Vocabulary from Classical Roots Level A $8 set
-       Student book (some writing)
-       Test Book
-       Teachers Guide & Answer Key

Vocabulary from Classical Roots Level B $8 set
-       Student book (some writing)
-       Answer Key
-       Teachers Guide & Answer Key

The Writing Road to Reading by Romalda Bishop-Spalding 4th edition $3

Spelling Workout Level G Student Workbook NEW! $3

Spellwell Levels A-D w/answer keys $30 set

Art, Music, Foreign Language, & Home Economics

Art & the Bible for Children by Barry Stebbing (NEW hardcover) $20

Rich & Sharon Jeffus Preschool & Early Elementary Art Basics $5

Adventures in Art Kindergarten Teacher’s Guide $5

Discover Art by Laura Chapman $30 set
-       Kindergarten Teacher’s Edition (by Cynthia Colbert & Martha Taunton)
-       Art Print Guide grades 1-3
-       Grade 1 student book (hardcover)
-       Grade 1 teacher’s edition
-       Grade 3 student book (hardcover)
-       Grade 3 teacher’s edition
-       Art Print Guide grades 4-6
-       Grade 4 student book (hardcover)
-       Grade 4 teacher’s edition
-       Grade 5 student book (hardcover)
-       Grade 5 teacher’s edition
-       Grade 6 teacher’s edition

Discover Art Teacher’s Edition by Laura Chapman grade 3 $4

Discover Art Teacher’s Edition by Laura Chapman grade 4 $4

The Gift of Music, Great Composers and Their Influence by Jane Stuart Smith & Betty Carlson $5

Art in Action by Guy Hubbard Grades 1-5 hardcover $10 set

Come Look With Me – American Indian Art by Stephanie Salomon (hardcover) $4

Kids Colorpix My Favorite Masterpieces Assorted Cards & Envelopes $3

Start with Art – Animals by Sue Lacey (hardcover) $4

Sue Patrick’s Workbox System Starter Kit for 2 Children & A User Guide book $10

Hand – Print Animal Art by Carolyn Carreiro (Williamson Publishing) $3

Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists Diego Rivea by Mike Venezia (hardcover) $4

Bible, Character, & Misc. Resource Books

Bible Quest: God’s People, God’s Land – Home School Teacher’s Edition $5

3 in 1 (A Picture of God) by Joanne Marxhausen $3

Little Visits with God by Allan Hart Jahsmann & Martin P. Simon $3

Egermeier’s Bible Story Book by Elsie Egermeier (hardcover) SL K $5

Egermeier’s Bible Story Book by Elsie Egermeier SL K $5

Hurlbut’s Story of the Bible for Young and Old (original 1932/1947 hardcover) $5 each (x3)

NIV Women’s Devotional Bible (Zondervan – hardcover) $5

Little Ladies series by Sandi Queen (new) $10 set
-       Dressing for God
-       Speaking to Please God
-       Keeping Myself Pure for God

Martha Stewart’s Homekeeping Handbook (hardcover w/jacket) $4

Early Education at Home – A Curriculum Guide for Parents of Preschoolers and Kindergarteners by M. Jean Soyke $8

Art Adventures at Home – Level 1 (grades K-2) by Pattye Carlson and M. Jean Soyke $7

Learning at Home – Preschool and Kindergarten by Ann Ward $15

Home-Spun Schools by Raymond and Dorothy Moore (hardcover w/jacket) $6

Home Grown Kids by Raymond and Dorothy Moore $2

What Your First Grader Needs to Know by E. D. Hirsch $4

What Your Second Grader Needs to Know by E. D. Hirsch $4