Saturday, November 19, 2016

Weekly Reflections - Week Eleven...

At Home

No more shorts and bare feet.  The table has turned here on Drywood Creek.  Yesterday's rain turned to sleet last night.  The wind is blustering with gusts up to 40 mph.  We had a near 30 degree temperature drop from yesterday to today...UFFDA, that's a shock to the old system!  Everyone keeps saying, "We can't complain.  It was such a nice fall."  We did have a gorgeous fall with many record high temps.  So, no, we can't complain, but it's just so hard to say goodbye!...can I at least whine a little bit....;-)

Anyway, we are officially on our first break of the 2016-2017 school year. We always take our first break the week of Thanksgiving, which also happens to coincide with the gun/deer hunting season here in Wisconsin. Typically, we have twelve weeks in at this point, but due to our slightly late start, we only have eleven, which is A-OK.  I'm actually amazed we got eleven weeks covered with the crazy chaos we had here this fall.  Life really took over.  It was messy, but through it all, aside from academics, many life lessons played out.

Well, what do I have planned on my vacation you ask?  First off, I have seven boxes and bags of books to sort through.  Some will land on our shelves, some are for a friend, and the rest, my dear faithful readers are for you! I plan to post updated lists early next week with a little Black Friday/Cyber Monday surprise.  Then I hope to tackle a couple of closets that have been seriously neglected for a. very. long. time....ahem!

In addition, did I mention, we recently joined 4-H?  Our older foster girls participated in 4-H years ago when Riley and Ruben were babies.  They were also in sports.  It became just too much running with two toddlers in tow so I let them choose and they went with sports.  Now that Riley and Ruben are older, we thought it was time to try again.  4-H has many opportunities to learn and experience a variety of projects, as well as hone in on the hobbies and talents each child possesses.  I also like that we can participate as a family.  For now, we're going to take it year by year and see how it goes.

Lastly, I plan to vegetate...not in a lounge hound lazy sort of way, but in a leisurely sort of way.  I recently finished up some books that I'd like to look back and reflect on.  I also have a couple more on the list to begin.  In addition, I plan to gather and sup :)

Around the Web

I love the post by Wendi C. in Q and A What Would You Say? on folks saying that AO books are too hard!  Whether you use Ambleside Online or not, it's a quick read and reality check regarding the state of modern education.

In Let's Pause a Moment, Dr. Christopher Perrin mentions he's working on a new book.  I can hardly wait!  He also clarifies the meaning of a few traditional words in regard to education, which is helpful.

That's all for now.  May you have a blessed Thanksgiving!

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