Saturday, June 17, 2017

Weekly Reflections - Summer Edition 2....

Wet Weather Tramps. - But what about the wet days? The fact is, that rain, unless of the heaviest, does the children no harm at all if they are suitably clothed... (Charlotte Mason, Vol. 1, Home Education, p. 87)
At Home

It's been raining off and on every day for the past couple of weeks. So, of course, Levi's been playing in it. When I read the above passage as part of my Vol. 1 study, I just had to smile. The rain sure is helping the garden grow!

Around the Web

I appreciate the thoughtfulness and tone in Was Charlotte Mason a Classical Educator?, written by a dear friend and local home educator. Heather is a member of my CM Study Group and her words have given me much to wrestle with.

Did you see? Simply Charlotte Mason is reprinting Charlotte Mason's six volume set. My 'pinks' are falling apart, but I still cherish them!

Mystie's been working on her 2017-2018 school plans. She began this month with reviewing plans from last year in Homeschooling Middle School Boys... and Elementary Kids.  Then she moved into creating her 2017-2018 Overview as well as Morning Time.  I look forward to seeing her finalized plans. I'm in the process of working through auditing last year and want to tie up some ends before starting to plan for the upcoming year.

Lisa Kelly spoke my language in Why Study Nature? I've been doing a ton of research on science and nature study, as I'm thinking very seriously about beginning a nature study club in the 2017-2018 academic year. Lisa lays a very good case for adding nature study to our schedules.

Lastly, Nancy Kelly shared a booklist from Susan Shaeffer Macaulay at Sage Parnassus. I'm a real sucker for book lists, so I was eager to click and print this one.

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