Wednesday, March 21, 2012

First Day of Spring 2012

It feels like summer here in the Midwest rather than mid March.  We've had 10+ days of record high temperatures this month.  My perennials are growing, the grass is greening and the birds are returning.  Yesterday, the first official day of spring, we saw a male bluebird.  Today, we saw a male and female!!  The robins have been back for a week or so.  I also saw a killdeer fly over head and a pair of whooping cranes out in the field.  The frogs and crickets are croaking and the turkeys are gobbling.  It's such a delight!

Budding trees

and babbling brooks.

Doing math with the door open

outside reading books.  
Green grass

 and a boy hanging from tree.
A bleeding heart growing

and mud up to your knees.

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