Wednesday, June 13, 2012

2012-2013 School Year Planning

I've been planning for the upcoming school year for some time.  I love researching curriculum and planning.  If there was a way to make money at it, I'd be rich!  Truth be told, I'm actually a better planner than teacher. Praise God for His gift of grace.

I just watched a free seminar from Home Educating Family Convention.  It was an interview with Linda Lacour Hobar, author of The Mystery of History, regarding To Grade or Not to Grade.  She described people as being on a spectrum from thinkers to feelers.  I'm one of those check off the box thinkers.  So I need a boxed check off planner.

Last year, I bought this wonderful resource from Simply Charlotte Mason titled Planning Your Charlotte Mason Education.

  Planning Your Charlotte Mason Education

For anyone planning their homeschool whether Charlotte Mason or not, this is a wonderful resource.  Sonya Shafer gives you five simple steps for planning your school year, starting with the big picture and ending with your day.  There are lists, timetables, schedules, and charts.  It's great!   From this resource, last year I created this lesson plan page to document our studies.



Character Study





Science & Nature Study

Writing & Copywork


Oral Narration

Art & Picture Study

Handicrafts & Life Skills

Music Hymn & Composer Study

Reading & Literature


Physical Education

Field Trips & Misc.

This year, I've streamlined the lesson plan page, cutting what didn't work and adding a few new things, including color as you can see below.  

RileyAnn 3rd & Ruben 2nd             2012-2013                 Term:                          Week:            
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
The One Year Bible For Kids

Parables From Nature (29)

Mystery of History Volume 3 (84)


Galloping the Globe

Activities & Mapping

MUS Gamma

MUS Alpha

Nature Portfolio Through theYear 60

Burgess Animal Book for Children 40

Language Arts
L L for the Very Young Vol. 2 (180)

Explode the Code
4, 5, 6

Pictures in Cursive C, D, E

All About Spelling Level 2 (25)

Reading/Literature & Composition

Copywork/Narration, Recitation

All About Reading Level 1 (49)

All About Spelling Level 1 (24)

Getty Dubay
Level B

Read Alouds


Art, Picture Study, Handicrafts, Life Skills, Music, Hymn, & Composer Study

It's still a work in progress as I add and delete things, but I feel it's a good start.  

I should mention, before I arrived at this stage, I started with a 3 ring binder and one of these sheets as a header page for each child.

Resource Ideas
Bible & Character Study




Science &
Nature Study

Language Arts
& Phonics

Writing & Copywork


Reading, Poetry, & Literature

Art &
Picture Study

Music, Hymn, & Composer Study

Handicrafts & Life Skills


Behind each header sheet, I added a couple of sheets of lined notebook paper, as well as Tables of Contents from a variety of potential curricula, and book lists for the history time period we plan to study.  From there, I compared content and narrowed down which resources I thought would work best for each child.   Upon finalizing resources, I added them to the header sheet.  I then use these header sheets to plug in subjects and resources on the lesson plan page (colored above).  

When I'm finished, I will print 36 lesson plan pages to 3 hole punch and bind as our planner for the upcoming school year.  Notice how I labeled the days 1 - 5, rather than by specific dates.  This allows us flexibility when life happens.  I did include a box in the top left corner to add dates as we complete the assigned days.  I use this box as my attendance record.  

I also left a blank for term and week.  Last school year, we completed our 36 week school year in three 12 week terms.  The girls liked this, so we will do it again this year.  

NOTE.....I've been combining Riley and Ruben's plan, keeping Angel's separate.  At the high school level, we have different expectations and keep a more formal record with grades for transcript purposes.  I will blog about that as it evolves in the future.  

Let me know what you think.  How is your planning going for the upcoming year? 


  1. Looks good. I love that resource by SCM! :)

  2. Thanks! I LOVE the SCM resource. I tell everyone I know about it ;-)