Monday, October 1, 2012

Chemistry Complications

Well, I'm having another science quandary.  And, this time it's a chemistry conundrum.  I mentioned in a past post that Angel was using Apologia Chemistry this year.  However after 5 weeks, we've determined it's not going to work for her.

Angel's interests lie primarily in the medical field so we know chemistry is a must.  She's enjoyed the dialog of Apologia science courses in the past.  But, the Chemistry book has a different feel.  It's more "textbooky", for lack of a better term.  It's very heavily weighted in math, which has always been her nemesis.  She completed the first two chemistry modules and totally gets the science concepts, but is getting lost in the equations. 

So I spent this weekend pouring over other options... 

I ordered numerous books from the library including the living books for science recommended on Squidoo by Barb at Harmony Art Mom.  I pulled misc. chemistry resources from our shelves and researched various online sites.

After many hours of scouring, we settled on Chemistry 101.  I'd ordered this program as a back up over the summer.  But after reading mixed reviews online, we decided to start the year with Apologia.  I've always been told by homeschooling moms before that Apologia is solid and will definitely prep your student for college and to be careful with living books because you must have lab science.  I hear the voices in my head....need lab science, Chemistry 101 not college prep, need textbook, want living books.....  It's crazy!!  I believe I knew up front the Apologia wasn't going to work, that's why I bought Chemistry 101 for back up.  But the voices kept nagging me until I gave in.  In the end, I should have went with my gut.

Angel and I both watched the first segment of Chemistry 101 and really liked it.  I may even be able to learn least it sparked my interest.  We will also be adding some living books from Harmony Art Mom's list.  The Elements and The Joy of Chemistry look great!  I can't wait for more of the library books to arrive.  There's another chemistry living book list here.   In addition, I'll be referring to this blog post, What Every Chemistry Student Should Know, to make sure we're covering our bases.  We will keep the Apologia book on hand for reference as well.  Once again, we're leaning more toward the Charlotte Mason methods.  I'll keep you posted.....

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  1. Please do post how this goes. I waffled back and forth about using the Apologia Biology vs the Biology 101. DD just started biology book this week, but time will tell.