Monday, March 4, 2013

Twaddle Free History....

I recently watched this video on Life Plus History at the Home Educating Family Association website in regard to "Twaddle Free History".  Rob Shearer of Greenleaf Press sat down with host Rebecca Keliher to discuss teaching history in our homeschools from a biblical worldview using living books.   I totally echo his sentiments in regard to using the Bible to teach history.  According to "Red Hat Rob", the Old Testament is a series of biographies in which God reveals himself through people like Abraham, Noah, Moses, and Joseph.  Students will be much more engaged when reading history through biographies and living books.  This will aid in learning and retention. 

I'm also a huge advocate for teaching history chronologically.  This method has been very successful in our homeschool.  We started with Creation, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Reformation.  Next year, we will continue with Exploration, then to American History, concluding with Modern Times.  Starting around 6th - 7th grade, we'll repeat the cycle through graduation. 

You can find the timeline Rob referenced here.  We own the one pictured above and I can say it's absolutely wonderful and very beautiful.  It's one of those things I hope to save and pass down to the kids some day.  One con is the amount of space it takes while fully opened up.  I believe it's close to twenty five feet.  However, you can view it like a book, only opening 2 sections at at time.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on "Twaddle Free History" and some of the things you use to teach this in your homeschool.  Please share your ideas below in the comment area....

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