Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Trip to Sea Life Aquarium....

We were blessed to participate in homeschool week at the Minnesota Sea Life Aquarium.  There were various learning stations set up for the kids to explore marine animal bones, teeth, crustaceans, turtle shells, etc.

There was a stingray pool and a touch and feel pool with starfish, horseshoe crabs, sea urchins, and the like.

We saw octopus, jellyfish, sea horses, hermit crabs, lion fish, and many other sea creatures.....

We participated in a behind the scenes tour, where we saw food being prepped in the kitchen and labs where staff tracked and cared for the animals.  We were also able to go above the pools and see the animals close up, as well as some that were quarantined for a variety of reasons.  This was very interesting.  We learned a great deal about sea turtles since it was spawning season when we visited.

My personal favorite was the tunnel you walk through with sea life swimming all around.  I was so awe inspired by God's great creation, I was moved to tears.  Every sea creature has a unique shape, color, and covering.  It was truly amazing!!

We had a great day.  The kids learned about aquatic life.  Even Levi hung in there until nearly the end..... 

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