Monday, September 2, 2013

Unofficially Starting Our Official School Year.....

Angel started school slowly last week.  Both girls were begging to get started and I was not ready....I'm still not ready!   We went from moving grandma to softball season, to vacation, to estate sale, to estate sale.  Throw in the garden, haying, a few birthdays, and family reunions and you have our summer.  I blinked my eyes June 1st and opened them to September 1st!!  Aahhh...this week should be our first official week of school, but Riley and Ruben will be starting slowly this week and hopefully up and running next week.

I did manage to get some major school room organizing done over the weekend.  We totally re shelved our history books, I put away books and binders from last year, and figured Angel's grades.  Angel was able to start in full gear today.  I'm listing her scheduled books below.  Riley and Ruben's will follow in later days :)

12th Grade 

Bible - We are using MFW U.S. History 1877 to the Present Spiritual Studies this year.  The books include Operation World, My Heart - Christ's Home, The Hour that Changes the World, Scripture Memory Made Easy, Loving God, and God Owns my Business.  Angel will also be reading Dr. Jekell and Mr. Hyde, Frankenstein, and The Deadliest Monster using David Quine's Starting Points

English - Finish up Beautiful Feet U.S. and World History and complete Commas are our Friends

History - We've opted to try the TruthQuest History Guides this year.  Angel will be using Age of Revolution III alongside BF U.S. and World.  She had already read many of the books in the BF guide and most of the others are listed in the TQ guide.  Angel is assigned to read all the TQ commentary, but skip many of the book selections in sections she's already familiar with.   She just told me tonight how much she already LOVES this study :)

Introduction to World Cultures - This is a conglomeration of misc. books, projects, and essays.  I actually created this as a high school version of the Galloping the Globe study I did with Riley and Ruben.  There is also geographic and cultural aspects to her History and Bible this year. 

Economics - A Beka Economics as well as Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?, Economics: A Free Market Reader, and Whatever Happened to Justice?  (Yes, I broke down and used an A Beka textbook ;-)  I was running out of time and not feeling very creative.  I'm glad I had it on the shelf.)

Personal Finance - MFW Personal Finance plan which uses Larry Burkett's Money Matters for Teens Workbook and Money, Possessions, and Eternity. 

Anatomy - Master Books Advanced Pre-Med Studies - You can read more about this here.

Health - Total Health and I Kissed Dating Goodbye.  We will use the syllabus from Hewitt Homeschool for this study.

Art - Short Lessons in Art History - You can view the plan here.

Life Skills - Angel and RileyAnn are both very excited to try Simply Charlotte Mason's Handicraft DVD's this year.  They will use the Hand Sewing and Crochet courses.  Angel will also be working on budgeting, meal planning, and cooking.  We are currently in the midst of canning tomatoes.

So, there you have it, Angel's 12th grade year.  She's very excited about her courses of study this year.   She feels they suit her interests.   You may notice, we opted out of a formal math credit.  She's completed one year of Algebra and one year of Geometry.  We have mutually agreed to call it good and I believe we all feel relief and peace with this decision.  No matter how hard she tries, this poor girl cannot grasp Algebra.  She is gifted in many other areas so we will focus on them. 

Has your school year kicked off?

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