Monday, October 21, 2013

Caught Ya!

Did I ever tell you about Levi's love of tomatoes!?!  One day Riley and I were working in the kitchen and some how Levi got the stool RileyAnn uses when she's cooking.  Just take a look at what he got into....

What do you have baby? ....a TOMATO!!

Oh, it was so good...maybe I'll take another!

Hmm...what else can I find

...a pear!!

Look mama...

Hmm, maybe I better try another bite....

....Oh, I like pears too!!

Summer has come to an end here at Drywood Creek :(  We've had several frosts and there's predicted snow flurries today!  The gardens have been cleaned out, other than some onions and a couple heads of cabbage.  We have canned tomatoes and tomato juice and 30 pints of grape jam set aside for winter.  God is good :)

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