Saturday, December 14, 2013

Microfiber Sofa Protector.....

I'm normally not a shopper.  I live for thrift sales, auctions, and second hand stores!  I have a really hard time going into a regular retail store and paying full price for an item that I know I can find for much less if I wait patiently.  We live on a very tight budget and I've grown to despise waste.  If I can't find it used, I probably don't need it. 

I particularly don't care for Black Friday shopping.  (And, I am appalled by Black Friday starting on Thanksgiving Thursday!)   I would normally stay as far away from the stores as possible on that Friday.  However, this year, the Microfiber Sofa Furniture Protector that I'd been eying up for some time was on a MEGA Black Friday sale, originally priced at $49.99, but for 7 hours only, just $19.99! 

Our sofa was given to us approx. 8-9 years ago by my mother before she passed away.  She purchased it at an auction and used it for a couple of years before passing it on to us.  It was a perfectly lovely sofa at that time.  However, the wear and tear it receives in our home on a daily basis has caused the upholstery to become threadbare.  And of course, any little hole is just too appealing for Levi's little fingers to dig in and pick at.  Unfortunately, we now have several large holes in the upholstery.  Even with the holes, the sofa still sits perfectly well.  Many guests comment on the comfort or our sofa.  We can't afford a new sofa at this time so I got up at the crack of dawn on Black Friday, wandered out into the cold and made the Microfiber Sofa Furniture Protector purchase. 

The picture in the advertisement looks so appealing...  
The kids were very excited when I brought it home.  They immediately helped me put it on the sofa. Then they laid on it and rolled on it exclaiming how wonderful the fabric felt.  Unfortunately, the love soon wore off as the cover does not stay in place and looks very sloppy.  I think it has to do with the arms on our sofa not coming out square.  The advertised photo does not show the straps that hold the cover in place and it actually looks like an all together different fabric.  I am thankful it covers the holes and the color totally matches our other decor.  However, I am very disappointed with the fit.  I could have just as easily draped a sheet or throw over the sofa and saved my $20!  Live and learn..... 

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