Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How Many Kernels on a Cob of Corn?

Today, for lunch, we were eating corn on the cob when Riley asked,"how many kernels are on a cob of corn"?  After a brief discussion about no two ears being alike and estimation, she decided to do some figuring.  She counted one row on her cob, which had 40 kernels.  Then she counted the number of rows, which was 16.  I suggested rounding to 15 for ease of mental math.  She knew that 40 x 10 is 400 and half of 10 is 5, so 40 x 5 must be 200.  Then, 400 plus 200 equals 600.  Riley determined there were approx. 600 kernels of corn on her cob.

This prompted Ruben to inquire, "If there are 600 kernels and you eat one kernel per minute, how long will it take to eat the whole cob?"  After seeking assistance from Angel, he determined it would take 10 hours to eat Riley's cob of corn :))

I love these teachable moments!

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