Friday, August 8, 2014

Keepers of the Faith....

RileyAnn participated in Keepers of the Faith last year.  It was a great experience. Her group met two times each month.  They worked on a variety of skills as well as character traits.  At the beginning of the year, the girls sold Pastry Puffins to earn money for projects throughout the year.  Not all families chose to participate, rather they just paid out of pocket as we went along.  Mom's took turns teachings skills and character traits.  Some of the traits she worked on were diligence, attentiveness, and truthfulness.  Here's a run down of each month's project(s)...

September - Tie Dye

October -  Canning Vegetables & Applesauce

November - Card Making

December - Christmas caroling at a local nursing home

January - Hand Sewing & Cake Decorating

February - Sewing a Skirt

March - Cooking & Basket Weaving

April - Basket Weaving

May - Banquet

At the banquet, each girl was awarded a pin for each "badge" she earned throughout the year.  They all wore their skirts they made in February.  It was sweet. 

I believe Keepers was a positive experience, where Riley learned a variety of useful handicrafts and life skills.  Unfortunately, several families have opted out this year, due to time commitment.  We are undecided as to whether or not our family will participate.  Each meeting was approx. 70 minutes round trip from our home.  I do intend to go to the upcoming planning meeting to learn what's involved this year.  RileyAnn really enjoyed the group and loved the projects she created. 

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