Saturday, November 1, 2014

Studying Lewis & Clark with Beautiful Feet....

Last year, we started Beautiful Feet's Early American History for Intermediate Grades.  I used it primarily for RileyAnn and then used the Primary Grades guide for Ruben.  Because we ended our history study with the American Revolution, we didn't finish the guides.  So this year, I'm picking up our history study with Lewis & Clark, finishing up the Intermediate Guide with both, Riley and Ruben.  

I really love Beautiful Feet Study Guides.  The simplicity of the open and go especially attracted me back this year.  Yet, the intellectual stimulation is far from simplistic.  The guides provide map work, narration opportunities and copywork.  The questions are thought provoking.  And, the book choices are absolutely fabulous!

A couple of the suggested books we read while studying Lewis and Clark were The Story of Sacajawea, Guide to Lewis and Clark by Della Rowland and The Lewis and Clark Expedition by Peter F. Copeland.  The later is a Dover Coloring book, which I used to pull copywork from.  The kids also used the illustrations for inspiration in their notebook drawings.  Copeland's book is a TruthQuest History recommendation as well. 

Rowland's book tells the story of Sacajawea while she served as guide to The Corps of Discovery beginning in 1804.  It's quite amazing to think she was only sixteen years old when she set out with Lewis and Clark on their journey, with an infant on her back.   The Story of Sacajawea... provides an excellent over view of the expedition, throughout which, Sacajawea shows real strength and courage. 

Here are a few of Riley and Ruben's notebook pages covering this subject...

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