Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday Findings: BF Modern American and World History, Classical Education, Object Lessons, R. W. Emerson on Reading Plutarch, and Limiting Summer Screen Time....

We're celebrating our last official week of the academic school year here on Drywood Creek.  We will continue BF Modern American and World History as well as some intermittent math and reading over summer, but for the most part, our 'school year' has ended.  Over the next couple of weeks, I hope to start my summer planning mode, which gets me excited since I'm a better planner than an implementer of my plan....ahem.  

I don't have a ton of links this week since I haven't been on online much.  In my quest for knowledge on Classical Education, I've been checking out Classical Conversations over the past couple of months. I've observed Foundations, Essentials, and Challenge A in the past, as well as spending a day in a CC Parent Practicum this week.  I'll be posting my observations at some point over the upcoming summer months.  But for now...

Nicole Williams at Sabbath Mood Homeschool wrote some helpful thoughts on Object Lessons.

Did you know Ralph Waldo Emerson read Plutarch?  Anne White shows us a quote in On the boyhood reading of Plutarch.

In 8 Ways We Limit Screen Time in Our Home, Marianne gives some excellent tips for setting up your summer without screens.

That's all for this week.  I'm off to more thrift sales today.  A neighboring community holds their annual city wide sales this weekend.  The kids and I look forward to it every year!


  1. I sooooo relate to being a better planner than implementer of plans...unfortunately. :)

  2. I'll be interested in your thoughts on CC. It's not right for my family but I know some who love it. The ones in our area take a fill them with facts to memorize first approach whereas our preference is to fill them with living ideas and let them draw out facts that go with those relationships they formed. TO each their own!

    I'm ready for next year (planned and purchased) but now it is time to begin reading the books for BF Medieval Senior High so I'm ready for discussion with my oldest. :) Mom gets summer school.

  3. Hey Tristan, good for you in being ready for next school year! I'll be interested to hear how your BF Medieval study goes. I love that you're pre-reading over summer. This is something I'm considering for my oldest as well. When do you find time to do the bulk of your reading? It is my struggle.