Saturday, May 13, 2017

Weekly Reflections - Week Thirty-Three...

At Home

We bought new to us maps this week from a fellow homeschooler who was purging. I love that they are bigger than the other maps we had and uniform from the same publisher. This makes them more visually appealing than the last set and much easier to read due to a larger, darker font. One man's junk is another man's treasure ;-)

A couple of new book packages arrived this week, which is super exciting for a bibliophile like me!...SQUEAL! I'm thrilled with the opportunity to pair with Beautiful Feet to blog through their Medieval History Intermediate Study. This will be the third year they've graciously gifted us with a guide and misc. books in exchange for blogs about our history journey. One thing I love about BF is the flexibility it offers. Their history guides are just that, a guide, and the BF family expects that you will use it to suit your family. They appreciate the fact that no two family's homeschool will look alike.

Also, I've had the privilege to meet Russ, Rea, and Josh Berg in person as well as corresponding by e-mail with Rebecca and they are truly lovely people who have a passion for the Lord, great books, and homeschooling. I'm not just typing this for free books. I've actually used Beautiful Feet in some shape or form for at least seven out of our ten years of homeschooling. Even when I've stepped away for a short time for various reasons, I always come back to the beautiful no nonsense approach.

Over the last year, I've been piecing together Memoria Press's Tree Study. The Tree Book by Gina Ingoglia first sparked my interest at last year's GHC. Then in January, I purchased The Book of Trees by Sean Brooks and the Peterson Field Guide to Trees at the CiRCE Regional Conference. This year, at GHC, I sealed the deal with the student book and teacher guide. These last two books arrived this week.

I don't plan to complete a workbook study on trees. However, I like the black and white illustrations and diagrams in the student book and believe they may be helpful for Ruben to use as a model in creating his own drawings. There are also many questions that I can use for narration and writing prompts throughout. Our kids already know several trees, but I wanted to have a few extra resources as I plan to further their study. I really like the beautiful nature study books Memoria Press has put together.

Around the Web

Mystie hit a home run this week with her post Education in Life: Why Kids Need Chums, Church, & Chores.  Unscheduled free time with peers is definitely the best way to cultivate friendships!!! The only co-op type activities we participate in are book clubs and the purpose of the club is academic, not social. Promoting co-ops for social reasons is actually a peeve of mine. If one is seeking social opportunities, it should be just that, social, free range and organic, not structured with an alternate agenda.

This week, I read Brandy's post on how she teaches Latin. Teaching Latin has been on my heart for years. I attempted it with Riley in 5th grade and failed. She now has PTSD when I mention Latin, so I cower. However, I think it's about high time we both put our big girl panties on and start fresh....still thinking on this one!

I also spent the past week participating in The Homeschool Curriculum Online Summit hosted by Todd and Jessie. I listened to a variety of online interviews/seminars including the Opening Keynote Session with Davis and Rachael Carman, Teaching Math from a Christian Worldview with Katherine Loop, Why Teaching Science Is a Critical Part of Education (Even for Poets) with Sherri Seligson, Four Deadly Errors of Teaching Writing with Andrew Pudewa (my favorite!!), The Great American Reading Disaster and How You Can Make Sure Your Child Isn’t Part Of It! with Renee Ellison, Teaching History from a Christian Worldview – God Initiates, People Respond, History Happens! with Michelle Howard Miller, and The Timeline of Teaching History to Your Children with Diana Waring. I was bummed I missed Sonya Shafer, but sometimes life takes over.

If you're unable to attend a live homeschool conference, an online conference is a great option. Currently Great Homeschool Conventions has paired up with Jeremiah & Kimberly Callihan to bring you The Online Homeschool Convention for Parents of 5-12 Year Olds. I watched Brennan Dean and Jeremiah Callihan kick off the conference with the Opening Keynote: Convention Season Strategies. I haven't made it back there yet, but hope to see Kathy Lee from The Homegrown Preschooler, Dr. Jay Wile speak on science, Kathy Kuhl on Understanding and Helping Our Struggling Learners, Janice Campbell on handwriting and literature, and of course, I don't want to miss Dr. Christopher Perrin speak on learning from rest. There are others that I may attend as well, if time permits. The conference runs through May 23rd so even if you've missed some sessions, there are still many more to come!

Charlotte Mason Study Group

I had the pleasure of meeting with my CM sisters last night and it was fabulous! I feel so fortunate to have found fellowship with other like minded homeschoolers in my area. There were seven of us in attendance and our reading for discussion was from Charlotte Mason's Vol. 1, Home Education. It was in regard to "Out-of-Door Life for Children', which fit very well with the science research I've been doing over the past couple of weeks. One mom brought science books that her son is using this year from AO Year 7, two other moms brought student nature journals, and we pulled books from my homeschool shelves to add to the discussion. It was three hours of delightful respite! I for one, needed this shot in the arm to finish the year strong.

If you haven't found your tribe yet, there's no better time than the present. I highly encourage you to plug in. If there's not a desired group in your area, create one! If you are rural or remote or there are no homeschoolers in your area, I would encourage you to look online. All it takes it one other person to connect with.

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