Saturday, July 15, 2017

Weekly Reflections - Summer Edition 3

At Home

I think it's been weeks since I've posted an update of happenings here on Drywood Creek. Let's just say, it's been plain busy! Riley has been playing softball. Ruben has been shooting trap. They've both been working multiple jobs, which requires me to transport them to and fro.

Our little man had a birthday and sister made him a cake with a tractor, of course...

Speaking of sister, the garden is looking great thanks to RileyAnn. Although it was 90-degrees and humid today, she was pulling weeds like crazy! We've harvested lettuce, radishes, banana peppers and a couple yellow cherry tomatoes so far. Sadly, the tomatoes Levi and I started from seed didn't transplant well as none of them survived. However, I had some red potatoes going to seed so I cooked enough for a meal and we planted the rest in the lost tomato row. Lo and behold, they are growing! Oddly, with the unseasonably wet spring, it took the carrots six weeks to sprout and the cucumbers never did show. Everything else is coming along well...

Oh, and the kids are patiently waiting for Blackberry, the pregnant cat, to birth kittens...

Regarding school planning, most of the resources have arrived and are waiting for me to schedule them. Last week, we tore the school room apart. We built a new shelf in the hope of adding space, but time ran out and I don't have things put back together yet. I need to get organized before I can truly sit down and schedule our school plan. In the current state, it's like trying to sort chaos among chaos. Hopefully, if things are in their place, I can sort chaos among order, which seems a little more manageable, if you know what I mean.

Around the Web

I really haven't spent much time on the computer lately. It was actually not even turned on for two days straight, which never happens! This is partly due to a recent revelation. I saw my kids growing up in a flash and it dawned on me that these days with them are more important than screen time so I have been intentionally trying to spend them as such.  It's about mid summer here on Drywood Creek and I don't want to miss a thing!

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