Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Beautiful Feet Medieval History - 2017-2018 Second Term Review...

RileyAnn just finished her second 12-week term with Beautiful Feet's Intermediate Medieval History guide. You can take a peek back at her first term here. Today, I'll showcase the books and notebooking pages she worked on in the second term.

In week's thirteen through twenty-four, Riley covered a variety of topics, including the Magna Charta, medieval castles and cathedrals, 13th Century China, John Wycliffe, and 13th and 14th Century England by reading the following living books...

The Magna Charta by James Daugherty
Cathedral by David Macaulay
Castle by David Macaulay
The Kite Rider by Geraldine McCaughrean
Adam of the Road by Elizabeth Janet Gray
Morning Star of the Reformation by Andy Thompson
Crispin and the Cross of Lead by AVI

Riley has written many essays and research papers throughout this study, drawing from a variety of  websites and The European World 400-1450 by Barbara A. Hanawalt. She did have some trouble accessing the BF guide's suggested websites, but has been able to find subject material at other websites. Riley also watched the David Macaulay Cathedral documentary online. I had Ruben watch it with her after he read the Macaulay book as well.

Overall, Riley is loving the BF Intermediate Medieval History literature! The photo below shows a sampling of her notebooking pages for this term.

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