Friday, July 27, 2018

Notebooking, Our Preferred Method - Last Day of Sale...

We have used the notebooking page approach to homeschooling since the beginning of time and absolutely love it! So when I saw that today was the last day of the Notebooking Pages Lifetime Membership sale forever, I had to share. I believe notebooking is superior to traditional workbooks in that it's a more developmentally appropriate way of learning. A child can work at their level rather than someone else's ideal scope and sequence. Notebooking pages are also open ended. The student is open to think in creative, out of the box ways. It allows for the Science of Relations

Notebooking has worked wonderfully for my advanced learners as well as my struggling learners. Each student is able to interact with the material read and tell back what they know at their aptitude. For some, it may be as simple as a coloring page. For others, it could be drawing an illustration or a diagram. It could also be in writing a newspaper article, a letter, a biography, or a report. In addition, there are printable maps available through the Notebooking Pages membership that can be used for geography. 

I am not an affiliate and do not receive compensation for your purchase. I'm simply sharing a tool that has worked really well for our family. You can see some samples of our work over the years here.

At the beginning of the year, I print a variety of pages including: blank pages with borders, different lined pages, biography pages, themed pages, coloring pages, etc. Some of these I've created myself, some I found free online, and others are from Notebooking Pages. I keep the pages in a file folder at the end of my desk, where the kids can access them when needed. I usually print 2-6 copies of each style and my older kids know when they take the last of that style to make more copies or notify me so I can make more. Some pages are more popular than others. 

I have used this method with my little people all the way through high school and my kids have all preferred it. I find that learning really has lasted longer or stuck with my kids when they've created a notebooking page to accompany their reading. At the end of the year, I bind the pages with my ProClick Binder and they LOVE to look back at their work!

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