Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Current Events, Logic, and Media Bias....

As part of our High School Community, the students study Current Events. Last week, one of the moms shared an article at Student News Daily showing an example of media bias. On the right side bar of that article, there is a list of different types of media bias, which may be helpful in teaching your students. (I am not debating the article, simply giving you resources for discussion :)

I believe studying Current Events and Logic in Middle/High School is very important. We want our kids to be thinkers, able to discern right and wrong amidst these times we live. One of our favorite Logic resources is The Fallacy Detective by the Bluedorns. (I use it in Form IIII or grades 7-9.) I think the media bias examples above would pair greatly with that book. Nathaniel and Hans Bluedorns also wrote The Thinking Toolbox, which can be used in conjunction with The Fallacy Detective or as a follow up to it. If you are looking for Current Event resources, here is a wonderful list provided by Ambleside Online.

Here's to you being armed to have important discussions with your kids....cheers!


  1. Have you heard of Newsademic"? We have been using this one for 10 years now, primarily for younger teens. It tries to give objective news and also covers interesting cultural and historical events.