Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Findings: Defining Self, Charlotte Mason Composition, Morning Time for All Ages, Seeds...

Baseball/softball practice started this week and we've got a couple weeks left of choir, so it's been a little crazy around here with all the running, but it's a good kind of crazy.  We're down to our final five weeks of the 2015-2016 formal academic schedule and trying to finish strong.  The weather has turned, it seems, from winter to summer over night.  Hopefully, spring has finally sprung here in the Midwest.  In between the busy, I did find a few things around the web.

A Fake Somebody Versus A Real Nobody is an interesting article on defining self.  It's long, but worthy.  I actually read it out loud.  It prompted a great discussion with RileyAnn.

Nancy Kelly at Sage Parnassus reprinted an article by H. H. Dyke on Composition, Letterwriting, and Narration that I found extremely helpful!

Pam Barnhill's Morning Time For All Ages is a fabulous resource whether you're aiming for Circle/Morning Time with littles, teenagers, or an only child.

Are you including seeds in your diet?  Super Seeds: They're Powerfully Amazing shows you how.  I am not a nut girl, but can do seeds.  I never thought of replacing nuts with seeds in recipes....good stuff!

We had a birthday boy earlier this month....

...and everyone needs a little brother to photo bomb his birthday pictures...

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