Monday, April 4, 2016

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig...

I'm trying to get my bearings today after being gone for five days to the Midwest Great Homeschool Convention.  I'm working through mounds of laundry and, since the house looked like tornado alley upon arriving home, cleaning.  The good news, after a week off, we did manage to finish our lessons uneventfully the morning.

Now, I must say, the convention was fabulous and well worth the extra work at home!  I'm still coming down.  Speakers like Dr. Inge Auerbacher, Martin Cothran, Andrew Kern, Dr. Christopher Perrin, Dr. Carol Reynolds, and Ann Voskamp rocked!  RileyAnn and I also really enjoyed entertainment by The Willis Clan.  Exhibits such as Beautiful Feet, Center for Lit, CiRCE Institute, Classical Academic Press, Memoria Press, Rainbow Resource, Simply Charlotte Mason, Sonlight, and Veritas Press made my day.  

After the past year of blogging for Beautiful Feet, I was finally able to meet Josh Berg personally.  Putting a face with the name and e-mail correspondence sure is nice.  Also, I drew great wisdom from time spent speaking to folks like Ian Andrews, Martin Cothran, Andrew Kern and Dr. Christopher Perrin.  Thoughts and ideas have been swimming in my mind since.  There will be future posts as I digest what I've learned.  But for now, below are some sights and scenes from Cincinnati...


  1. How wonderful! So good your daughter could go with you also.