Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What Looks Like Rain on a Sunny Day

Last week as I sat staring blankly out the window, the only fire I saw was raging inside of me.

We just finished lunch and I was deescalating from our harried morning.

Sister called earlier to invite us out to lunch, I declined as one child was defiant and refused to accomplish anything remotely related to education, another had typical teenage attitude, and the third was busy trying to compensate.

Instead, we had unworthy leftovers for lunch.

Feeling so deflated, I was praying for something...anything better than this...

All of a sudden I heard scrambling and scurrying with shouts of "FIRE!!"  It took a bit to snap out of my self serving ways.

As I came out of the bedroom, family was running, the phone was ringing, and I met Farmer saying, "It's brother....tell him to come quick...the wood shed's on fire...."

I went for the phone, brother couldn't understand what I was saying...."FARMER SAID....THE WOOD SHED'S ON FIRE....COME RIGHT AWAY".....click....

I looked out, flame's were shooting 6 - 8 feet high.....please God....COME QUICK.....

I went for shoes, then to the other shed for hose....Where is that hose....Can't anyone put anything back where it belongs....God PLEASE.....I grabbed some little stub of a hose, the only thing I could find and headed behind the house to the wood shed.  I threw the hose down as brother pulled in.

I stopped and looked at the scene ahead....REALLY LOOKED...

There was Farmer with kids working together like a well oiled machine...Flames reduced to smoke.

I found out later, one child went for buckets of water, another got the hose I couldn't find.  Farmer was pitching wood out of the pile, one was hosing down, while another stacked out of the way....all working smoothly, doing exactly as they should. 

Farmer felt so good, he gave thanks for the level headed child who first saw the flames and went straight to fill a bucket...for quick reactions and servant's hearts.

My heart skipped a beat....Dear God....I'm sorry...I failed to see the beauty....the gifts.....many blessings....so much to give thanks for.....

Not to us, O Lord, not to us,
     but to your name goes all the glory
          for your unfailing love and 
               faithfulness.  Psalm 115:1

Did you see the sun through the clouds today.....Melissa

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