Saturday, February 11, 2012

Growing Salt Crystals

Our history switch to Mystery of History is going great!  A couple of weeks ago, we studied The Dead Sea Scrolls.  The Dead Sea is sometimes referred to as the Salt Sea because of its high content of salt.  So we grew salt crystals as part of the lesson.

Here's RileyAnn shaking epsom salt and water.....

Then Ruben and Riley poured the mixture into a pie pan lined with black construction paper...

Then we set the pan in a sunny window and watched the crystals grow over a period of time....

As you can see, the water evaporated leaving the salt crystals.  

RileyAnn said, "It was kind of exciting to see how it changed everyday."  

Ruben said, "It was fun."  He's not a man of many words.  ;-)

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