Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Slipping September

Life here on earth is slipping away.  I've neglected this blog as we live.  We started school, hosted an estate sale, and celebrated first haircuts so far this September.  Today we woke to our first frost of the season. Earlier this month, RileyAnn turned nine.  And of course, her birthday wouldn't have been complete without a pinata.  She chose a cat design.

I cannot believe our baby girl is officially half way to adulthood.  It seems like only yesterday when I held her in my arms like Levi.  She was so alert, all red and wiggly.  At the time, I thought I wanted a boy.  I never knew the joy a mother could feel at having such a sweet baby girl.  God truly knew just what I needed.  RileyAnn, you are a gift!   I am so thankful to have daughters and sons.

Speaking of gifts, Levi is 3 months old today.  Look at that smile.  He's such a happy baby and RileyAnn loves being big sister.

Ruben had his first salon haircut and Riley cropped several inches.

He sat nice and still.  It went smoothly.  Although, he was thankful when it was over.  He does look handsome :)

The plants are all covered.  It looks like another frost tonight.  Time passes and we're cruisin' on.....

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