Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Uncle Tom's Cabin - Day 8

Day 8 - Chapters 17-19

I must admit, I only made it to the end of Chapter 19 today.  Riley and Ruben both fell asleep tonight to the sound of my voice.  I believe some of this book is over their head, but they so sweetly try their best.  They love to be involved and a part of the conversation. 

I was glad chapter 17 picked up with Eliza and George.  The Quakers of the 1800's remind me of the Amish of our time, such a peaceable group.  Or the Hutterites, who live in a communal setting.  The Farmer and kids like Phineas and his outdoors man like ways.  I was actually glad Tom didn't die so it wouldn't be on George's conscience.  Do you think Tom will be converted?  How about George?  It appears as though the Quakers kindness may have softened George's heart.  Time will tell.....

And oh, St. Clare, I've grown to like him.  He really doesn't belong in the south.  Though, I'm not sure where he does belong ;-)

I also get a bang out of Miss Ophelia.  I picture this laid back household that's sort of in disarray.  Then in comes Miss Ophelia to straighten everyone out.  I can just imagine her and her old schoolmarm like ways.

I am so tickled that Tom wrote a letter home.  I wondered if he would do that.

This is a great book!  I feel a relationship with each of the characters.  If you haven't started reading, please consider joining in.....

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