Saturday, February 9, 2013

Uncle Tom's Cabin - Day 9 & 10

Chapters 20-26 - Day 9 & 10

Oh my....I sobbed like a baby.   Can you believe Eva died?!?!  Oh wait....I  need to back up.

First Topsy, what did you think of this poor little darling?  She'd never been loved or so she thought.  It was heart breaking to think this even possible for a child.  And the dear girl keeps saying, "I's so wicked."  I believe Eva did truly love her.  I loved her and to be honest I saw signs of our adopted daughters in her, a child so abused and neglected they only see ugly.

I was disappointed with Mr. Shelby in the glance back at life on the Shelby plantation since Tom left in Chapter 21.  He didn't seem like getting Tom back was a priority.  I felt he was making excuses to Mrs. Shelby about never getting out of debt and he poo pooed her suggestions to try to make money.  Then sweet  Aunt Chloe was going out to make money to get Tom back.  Do you really think she'll be able to save the money she makes?  I was skeptical of the treatment she may receive once she leaves the Shelby's.

I mentioned in a past post the faith and maturity of Eva.  This held true to the end.  I think that's why I cried so, not only because she was a mere baby, but because she was so strong in her belief.  She was so kind and generous and loved everyone she met regardless of their look.  Eva so badly wanted the slaves to be treated well and freed.  As I said before, she was wise beyond her years.  Some of us may live to be 100 and never reach the level of Eva.

And that Marie, she is nuts!!  I have no sympathy for her whatsoever.  She is just selfish and spoiled.  I really  ached for St. Clare though.  I believe he is a Christian, but somewhere along the line his heart was hardened, maybe upon the death of his mother or when he was parted from his first love.  It really wasn't clear, but something happened to make him so sarcastic and callous.

Do you think Tom will be freed now?  I also wonder what's happened to Eliza. I feel like her character has just dropped off the radar.  I'm hoping it all comes together in the end.

I don't know about you, but I've been telling everyone I meet about Uncle Tom's Cabin.  I absolutely LOVE the book so far and consider it a must read!!  The content is difficult and weighs heavily on my mind, but the subject matter is very important and relevant in the world today.  I'm sorry the book was banned for some time and that it seems to have dropped from the radar since.  You can read more about the ban here and here.  My hope in this book study is to bring awareness and spark interest.  You must read this book!!

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