Saturday, June 1, 2013

Dangerous Journey - The Story of Pilgrim's Progress

                 Wow, what an awesome allegory!!  I must confess, I have never read Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan.   So when we read about Bunyan in The Mystery of History Volume III, I did some research and found Dangerous Journey by Oliver Hunkin.

This is a great introductory version of Pilgrim's Progress for younger students and rookie's like myself.  I immediately felt empathy toward Christian and the burden he carried.  I imagined myself in many of the scenes as I travel through this life.  The pictures are a bit graphic, particularly the battle with Apollyon and in "The Valley of the Shadow of Death".   I wondered if they would bother Riley and Ruben, but they were so engrossed in the story that it didn't seem to be an issue and if anything the pictures may have solidified the tone of the story.  For those who've not read Pilgrim's Progress, I will not give away the ending.

Angel has read the Pilgrim's Progress in Modern English recommended by My Father's World.  However, she stated she had a difficult time understanding it and reading Dangerous Journey aloud really brought it all to life.  Immediately upon finishing Dangerous Journey, RileyAnn found a copy of Pilgrim's Progress on our shelves and started reading it.  I too plan to read the full version. We recommend it!!

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