Monday, June 24, 2013 does your garden grow?

The gardens are finally planted and everything seems to be growing.  We are about 2 weeks behind here in the Midwest due to a cold wet spring.

RileyAnn was a huge help to me this year.  She's been planting, hoeing, and weeding. She picked some radishes over the weekend.  After the long winter, fresh garden produce is such a treat!! 

Though it's hard to tell from the photos, we have about 30 tomato plants this year.  We have caged them since the photos were taken.  There are six varieties.  I'd like to try my hand at making ketchup this year, along with our usual juice, sauce, and salsa. 

Our hosta bed is absolutely lush this spring!  I did have trouble with slugs last year, not to mention the drought.  I am intending to get some pine needle mulch.  I read this deters slugs and other pests that plague hostas. 

The flowering crab tree we planted two years ago made it through winter.  The first year we planted it, a young whitetail buck came up and ate all the buds and leaves.  And then with the drought last year, I can't believe it's still alive.....God is good!!

The hay fields look good.  Though with the heavy rains this past week, some were laid down.  The weatherman has rain in the forecast everyday throughout this week too.  The harvest is slow this year.

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  1. Your farm is absolutely gorgeous! That barn!!! Oh the's beautiful! We tried our hand at gardening. Overall we did pretty good, though I wasn't able to can much. We've had a very bad drought here in Texas, we do everything organically (so sometimes the pest if we aren't diligent enough), and we learned you cannot get stuck out of town for too long or the garden dies in 100 degree weather! Our dream is to save up and perhaps buy a farm or some land when we get back from overseas.