Saturday, November 9, 2013

Roanoke & Virginia Dare....

I just finished reading the Childhood of Famous American book Virginia Dare: Mystery Girl by Augusta Stevenson aloud to the kids.  We were studying the Lost Colony of Roanoke.  This is a wonderful story!  We love Childhood of Famous American books!  Our kids have read several.  This particular book was hard to find.  Our library system doesn't have a copy.  I was very thankful to borrow it from a fellow homeschooler.  I highly recommend it if you can locate a copy. 

Product Details

I usually have the kids complete a notebooking page or coloring sheet for various people, places, and events that we learn about.  Sometimes they create their own and sometimes I print things I find online.  Today, I found this wonderful vintage coloring book  on The Lost Colony. 

Vintage Storybook Cover

I printed it and bound it with our ProClick Binder.  It's too cute!  I wish they still made coloring books like this.  We just used one page of it.  I copied the page and put handwriting lines beside the picture.  The kids then copied a couple of sentences about Virginia Dare and Roanoke on the lines.  We like the way they turned out. 

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