Monday, November 18, 2013

This Dear Bought Land...

I just finished reading aloud This Dear Bought Land.  This little gem is out of print, but I was fortunate enough to obtain the one copy in our library system.  What a wonderful way to study Jamestown!  The book made me laugh and cry.

I feel as modern day Americans, we are very out of touch with the history of our country.  It's important to teach our children and not forget what the men and women went through to make America what it is today.  This Dear Bought Land gives a great sense of what it must have been like for the early colonies.  You learn of the suffering, setbacks and hardships endured.   It is so amazing to me how these men pushed on gaining the foothold to build this nation we now call America.

The book is told in story form through the eyes of young David Warren.  David develops a love-hate relationship with Captain John Smith.  But in the end, David becomes a man and gains great respect and admiration for Captain Smith.  This Dear Bought Land is a TruthQuest History recommendation.  It's also listed on Bonnie Anderson's Visual History Timeline.  We highly recommend This Dear Bought Land with two thumbs up!  We hope to own our own copy some day :)

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