Monday, June 9, 2014

Bible Study....

I'm looking ahead to next fall.  It seems strange, only planning an education for two kiddos but, I'm looking forward to spending more time with Riley and Ruben, focusing on a few key areas.  One of these is Bible Study.  I think it's time to dig deeper into scripture.

In the past, I've used the Egermeier Story Bible and The Child's Story Book by Catherine Vos.  Two years ago, we studied Proverbs and this past year we used Notgrass Draw to Learn Psalms.  Both the kids and I are ready for a more in depth study using a full edition Bible.  So far, I've narrowed it down to two choices...

1. Bible Study Guide for All Ages - This four year comprehensive Bible study offers 416 lessons for age 3 to adult.  The study is broke down into four units with different parts including Teacher's Guide, Student Pages, Wall Map & Timeline, and Bible Book Summary Cards.  I was fortunate to pick up Unit 1 at a used book sale.

You can find more details on choosing the materials to work best for your family here.    There is also an Order of Study hereBible Study Guide for All Ages covers a combination of Old and New Testament each year.  At the end of Year 4, the study has brought you through the entire Bible.  I love the idea that we can study the Bible together with different ages and abilities.  At this point, I don't think I'm going to order the Student Pages.  We looked at them at a sale and Riley was a bit turned off by the cartoon characters.  The kids prefer to draw their own illustrations.  I would add scripture memory and copywork. 

Bible Road Trip is a free 3 year Bible curriculum for grades PreK-12

2. Bible Road Trip - This is a FREE online Bible Study offered by homeschool mom and author Danika Cooley.  Bible Road Trip is a three year study that also covers the entire Bible.   The study is aimed at youth PreK to 12th grade with notebooking pages available in four levels; Lower Grammar (Grades 1-3), Upper Grammar (Grades 4-6), Dialectic (Grades 7-9), and Rhetoric level (Grades 10-12).  Each year consists of a 32 week schedule.  Click here for an overview of what's covered in each of the three years as well as the books/resources used in each of the "grade" levels. 

One concern I have about this program is, "Bible Road Trip does not address specific theological or doctrinal arguments. (There are some discussions over the manner in which we approach Scripture in the upper grades.)  For example, though I believe in the literal Creation account, and I was careful to choose materials that did not discount that very valid view of the Bible, you will not find anything here that specifically addresses Creationism. There are many wonderful ministries that you can consult for additional materials.  Rather, weeks 3-5 of Year One of Bible Road Trip will acquaint students with the book of Genesis – its authorship, themes, storyline, and timing in actual history."  I guess this could be a pro or con.  Although, I personally want creationism and I'm thinking in terms of finding/adding yet another resource to accompany the study.  On the other hand, I love the literature that's incorporated at the grade 4-6 level.  I'm also attracted to the notebooking pages. 

I've read several reviews of both programs and overall they both look like solid Bible Studies. Decisions, decisions.....!  

What Bible Study program do you use in your homeschool?  Feel free to comment below, especially if you've used either of these programs.   I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas! 

I do plan to write a follow-up after deciding :)

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