Monday, June 2, 2014

Paul Revere....

Pictured above are some must reads if you're studying Paul Revere or the start of the American Revolution...

Paul Revere's Ride by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow is one of a collection of twenty-one long narrative poems in the Tales of a Wayside Inn, published in 1863.  This particular poem has been retold many times by various children's authors.  The above edition was illustrated by Paul Galdone, who spent a good deal of time in the area of Massachusetts while preparing to illustrate this book.  Another popular edition is illustrated by Ted Rand and recommended as a Five in a Row title.   Whichever you choose, Longfellow's poem is a worthwhile addition to your study.

If you haven't met Esther Forbes, America's Paul Revere illustrated by Lynd Ward is a wonderful way to get acquainted.  "The inspiration for America's Paul Revere occurred to Lynd Ward one day while reading the Pulitzer prize-winning biography Paul Revere and the World He Lived In, by Esther Forbes. Mr. Ward began to wonder if there could not be books for younger children that would, through words and pictures, create for them a sense of the reality of American history and the lives of the men who have helped make this country great." As Ward contemplated Revere's life, illustrations for such a book came to mind.  He approached the publishers of Paul Revere... with his plan for a children's book and it was enthusiastically received.  America's Paul Revere is the result Ward's brainstorm. 

Ward's illustrations are as enjoyable as Forbes words.  Both are rich and give the reader a real sense of Revere's life and times.  Do not miss this book!  It is a Beautiful Feet recommendation.

You can see our review of Johnny Tremain by Esther Forbes here

And Then What Happened Paul Revere? is one of Jean Fritz's many works of historical fiction.  Fritz writes in a witty yet knowledgeable way that allows the reader to learn more about the personality of her characters.  In this story of Paul Revere, we learn not only of Revere's famous midnight ride, but also of his life and trade.  He was a skilled silversmith who also made false teeth and drew cartoons.  Our kids enjoy Fritz's books.  And Then What Happened Paul Revere is a Sonlight recommendation.  Consider giving it a try!

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