Thursday, September 4, 2014

Back to School...

It's back to school week for many, including us here on Drywood Creek...though it's been a bit crazy with the holiday and misc. appointments.  We kicked off our studies for the 2014-2015 school year on a lighter note.  Riley loves it all and Ruben not so much.     

I also had the privilege of attending the  P.M.E.U. fall book discussion Tuesday evening.  Gathering with other homeschooling families is such a treat!!  The Farmer and I drove over 4 hours to attend.  I cherished our time alone together and was encouraged by the fellowship of other Charlotte Mason families.  

The discussion covered Ourselves Book I by Charlotte Mason (Vol. 4) pp. 179-203 regarding opinions, principles, and justice to ourselves.  After the book discussion, we were treated to application of theory by Nancy Kelly of Sage Parnassus.  Nancy spoke of the significance of the flowering rush, or the "Humble Plant", and its representation of humility in Mason's schools, referencing Ourselves, Book I, Part III, Ch 10, p 126-130.  I will not give away her talk in case you ever have the opportunity to hear her speak.  We also practiced written narration through drawing an illustration as well as oral narration.  It was an enjoyable evening. 

An Opinion worth having. - We may gather three rules, then, as to an opinion that is worth the having.  We must have thought about the subject and know something about it, as a gardener does about the weather; it must be our own opinion, and not caught up as a parrot catches up its phrases; and lastly, it must be disinterested, that is, it must not be influenced by our inclination. - Charlotte Mason, Ourselves, Vol. 4, Book 1, p 180

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  1. It was great to have you with us! Your books were a delight, also. I hope your book discussion group becomes a genuine and caring place for others wishing to implement this relational education of CM's.

    Happy first week of school,