Saturday, September 27, 2014

Saying Good Bye to the Flock...

It's been two weeks since that foggy morn when we loaded our small flock of nine into the back of a black Chevy pick-up truck.  After ten years, it was hard to say good-bye.  Riley struggled the most since they were her babies since she was a baby.  I remember her escaping the house in footie pajamas only to wander down by the pen.  We'd watch her climb the board fence.  First looking over, then slowly climbing down into the sheep pen.  There, she would talk and sing.  The sheep, in a trance like state, would gather round her.  She has always had a great love for the living. 

Now, the Farmer wants to use the pasture for a new project.  So with bittersweet tears, we waved good-bye to Wobbles, Sugar, Posy, Pansy, Pearl, Popcorn, Peanut, Uno, and Dos, but not before Riley captured an SD card full of memories...


  1. Oh - this actually makes me sad! Your sheep are beautiful, but I understand that sometimes other plans and needs take priority. Good luck with your new plans.

  2. Blessings on your new adventure!