Monday, March 23, 2015

Attack in the Rye Grass, Marcus & Narcissa Whitman...

Attack in the Rye Grass by Dave & Neta Jackson is a Trailblazer Book that tells the story of Marcus and Narcissa Whitman.  The Whitmans were protestant missionaries, along with Henry and Eliza Spalding, in the Oregon Country in the mid 1800's.  Marcus was a doctor and Narcissa a teacher.  When they originally settled in Oregon, Narcissa and fellow missionary Eliza Spalding were the first European - American women to cross the Rocky Mountains.

The Whitmans and Spaldings experienced constant trouble with the native tribes in the Pacific Northwest region.  Unfortunately, a measles outbreak among the natives, brought on by Oregon Trail travelers/settlers, made life much worse for them.  The natives blamed the Whitmans, accusing them of only curing white people and letting the natives die.  Eventually, the restless natives attacked the mission, killing the Whitmans and several others. 

Attack in the Rye Grass is told through the eyes of young Perrin Whitman, Marcus Whitmans' nephew.  Though the real events took place over about a four year time, the book was condensed to approx. one and half years.  As with other Trailblazer Books, Attack in the Rye Grass is based on a true story, of what has since become known as the Whitman Massacre.    


  1. Hey there where do you get your above notebooks from? I have similar ones from Draw Write Now...thanks!

  2. I bought them in the fall at "Back to School" time at our local Walmart.