Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Importance of Picture Books....

There's nothing like a beautiful picture book!  Unfortunately, as kids get older, we often feel it necessary to stop reading picture books as though they are unworthy.  Some mom's feel time is short and they want to capitalize by focusing on higher level books.  I'm here to say, I think picture books are important at every level.

Many picture books offer character lessons or a moral to the story.  I will never forget the profound impact The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Andersen had on me and our children.  It brought us all to tears.  Nor, the faithful friendship of Mike Mulligan, as he and his steam shovel Mary Anne dig their way to fame.  Many picture books are catchy and promote literacy.  After reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Did You See? aloud at least fifty times to Levi, he can "read" it along with me.  It's makes me smile every time.  And, there's nothing like a great historical picture book.  Whether it's Kate Waters reenacted photographic histories or Robert Quackenbush's knee slapping, humorous biographies, I've learned a great deal.

One way to get older kids reading picture books is having them read aloud to younger siblings.  I remember hearing those precious belly giggles and great laughter as our older girls read aloud Nine for California by Sonia Levitin to the younger kids.  Of course in which, they planted seeds for the beginnings of our study of the Gold Rush.

Another thought is to have a book basket with some great picture books sitting around the house in a cozy, visible area.  When they sit down to veg out, a stack of sweet books that happen to be sitting there, may light a spark.  You'd be surprised at what your kiddos will pick up and read on their own when they're easily accessible.

TruthQuest history guides offer suggestions for a plethora of worthy and wonderful historically based picture books.  Beautiful Feet Teaching Character Through Literature guide lists many beautiful picture books and discussion questions for guiding your students through life's lessons.  So, don't be afraid of adding picture books to your older child's study.  It may be a welcome break that they just may learn from :)

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