Thursday, April 9, 2015

A Frontier Fort on the Oregon Trail...

A Frontier Fort on the Oregon Trail by Scott Steedman provides an interesting look at what it was like living in and around the frontier forts of the old west.  The beginning pages give background information on exploration and settlement of the 'New World'.  This lays the foundation for why forts were built and how.  The book continues through the 1800's, ending with the building of the railway, the Indian Wars, and a frontier town.

Mark Bergin's illustrations are realistic and helpful in guiding you through the construction of the forts.  A Frontier Fort... is a great pictorial read aloud for younger children or it could be read independently by about 4th grade and up.  It is a TruthQuest history recommendation that we enjoyed. 

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  1. thanks for sharing! this look made me want the book (poet AND know it!).
    i appreciate (as do others, i'm sure) your recent contributions to the CM Blog Carnival!
    enjoy the day...