Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday Findings: Morning Basket with Pam Barnhill & Brandy Vencel, Banning Negativity, Carole Joy Seid...

This week, I listened to Pam Barnhill's Morning Basket podcast with Brandy Vencel.   I have gleaned from both of these gals and found that our Circle Time/Morning Basket is a combination of both.

Speaking of Brandy, did you see she and Mystie Winckler are hosting a free webinar on how to work your homeschool plan?  It's next Friday.   Click the image to sign up.  If you can't make it, they'll send you a replay link afterward to watch at your leisure. 


I like the banned words idea in The Vocabulary of Vision by Heidi White.  I have one who constantly "hates" everything.  I think I may try to employ this tactic.

I also listened to Pam Barnhill and Carole Joy Seid last weekend while I was updating our sale book lists.  I appreciate Carole Joy's love of living books. 

It's hard to believe it's October already!  We had our first frost here on Drywood Creek this week, which seemed a bit late this year.  School is progressing, though we got a little off schedule this week due to extra business.  Aside from book learning, we had lots of life skills going on :)

Did you see the lunar eclipse last Sunday night?  Riley and Ruben laid wrapped in blankets under the stars, until falling asleep around 11:00 p.m.  It was quite spectacular and made for a wonderful nature study!

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