Monday, October 12, 2015

The Importance of Puzzles in Preschool...

Levi loves puzzles!...and I think they are an important part of preschool play.   Puzzles promote thinking skills.  There is strategy involved in figuring out which piece fits where.  A child can see the importance of following a sequence as each piece fits into a certain place.  Puzzles also aid in the development of hand/eye coordination as the child practices placing pieces in a variety of positions until finding the right fit. 

Puzzles develop fine motor skills as little hands grasp pieces, manipulating them to and fro.  Some puzzles have wooden knobs that help with the development of pincer fingers.  All of them strengthen small muscles in the hand, which are needed for penmanship.  Both boys love floor puzzles, which also allow for use of gross motor skills. 

I love wooden puzzles like the ones created by Melissa & Doug!  They are hand crafted and high quality.  Remember the old cardboard puzzles...the board would warp, the pieces would bend, eventually breaking off.  After a short time, it was near impossible to make everything fit.  This does not happen with wooden puzzles.  They are sturdy and hold up to the test of time.  I have had part of the wooden puzzle picture peel off, but you can still fit the pieces together.

I believe puzzles help develop the habit of attention.  In the photos below, Levi is 2 3/4 years of age. (He looks like a baby compared to now :(  Anyway, he did not look up, nor pay any attention as the pictures were being snapped.  He was deep in concentration.  I love the look of satisfaction in the last photo where he's admiring the finished product.  Puzzles in preschool are important!

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  1. Well said. Puzzles are no doubt very helpful in exercising our minds. it is an important learning tool for young children which enhances a better hand-eye coordination and refines the motor skills. These kind of activities should be inculcated as a part of daily curriculum in all private elementary schools.