Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday Findings: Grammar, Computers in Class, Can We Eat to Starve Cancer?...

Uffda, we nearly ran ourselves ragged thrift saling this week!  This is how I cloth my family on a very slim budget.  There were many neighborhood sales in surrounding communities yesterday.  It was raining and sleeting at only 39-degrees, but we found some deals.   Now, I will spend the weekend doing laundry, sorting closets and dressers, pulling out the too small and filtering in the new.  I actually rather enjoy it and the kids LOVE it!   They get so excited about their new treasures.  Even if we strike it rich some day, I believe we'll still sale.

Also, this week, around the web, I've been studying Grammar, trying to figure out the direction my students should go in the fall.  I found The Death of Grammar and the End of Education interesting.  I'm still pondering this one.

“One of the most powerful tools in education is conversation,’’ says Dr. Vallance in Computers in Class "a scandalous waste": Sydney Grammar Head, a fairly short article with much wisdom.

On a little health note, in Can We Eat to Starve Cancer?, Dr. Li gives some excellent food for thought...pun intended ;-)

Now, we're off to ball practice, but I'll leave you with the cousins....


  1. Thank you for all the fascinating links!

  2. Thank you for all the fascinating links!

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