Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Findings: No Supermom Here, Lost Boys, The Green Ember, Conflict of the Story, and Simplifying Childhood....

I'm sorry I've been mostly absent here again this week.  April has been incredibly chaotic! I feel like winter activities are overlapping with spring activities.  Riley and Ruben started softball/baseball.  They have practices many evenings and scrimmages this weekend.  Wednesday we finished our last 5th/6th Grade Socratic Book Club.  We read The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett.  It was wonderful and I plan to post a follow-up soon.  Yesterday RileyAnn finished choir and had her concert last night...which was fabulous!  We are so blessed to have a homeschool choir in our area!

Unfortunately, last weekend, my neck seized up and I've been fighting extreme pain in my occipital nerve.  I had a trip to ER, follow-up with doc, and three trips to our chiropractor this week. Next Monday I start physical therapy.  I don't tell you this for sympathy as I know many busy moms have struggles, just as part of the explanation for my absence.  The light from the computer screen and typing sends me into a frenzy.  I'm so grateful for dear friends and prayer for healing.  The kiddos have been great in picking up the slack while I attempt rest, altering between ice and heat.  I'm trying to avoid the Valium I was sent home from ER with since it makes me loopy, but Ibuprofen is a must.  I did get a full night's rest last night, which hopefully means things are turning a corner.  The down time has given me many ideas for blogging so stay tuned.

One thing I did manage to read online this week was Life Without a Cape, There Are No Supermoms Here by Brandy Vencel.  I found it extremely timely, especially in my condition.  I know in blog land it can sometimes seem like us bloggers live a dream life.  Let me be the first to tell you, I am no supermom and life on the inside looks a little crazy most days.  Never compare my outsides with your insides.

Have you read Loving the Lost Boys: Some Thoughts on Boyhood and Reading by Zach Franzen, illustrator of The Green Ember?  It's excellent and touches on so many troubling issues in our culture.

Speaking of The Green Ember, S.D. Smith had an exhibit at the Great Homeschoool Convention in Cincinnati and we picked up a copy of it and the prequel, The Black Star.  Smith was great, talking to Riley and offering to sign our copies.  We're looking forward to reading The Green Ember this summer.

In Conflict-The Heart of Every Story, Adam Andrews spells out the need to identify the conflict in order to understand the story.  There are five options and knowing them makes it easier to choose.
...conflict is the most essential ingredient in any story– without it, there’s really no story to tell. Adam Andrews, Center for Lit
Simplifying Childhood May Protect Against Mental Health Issues should be an awakening for us all.  As mentioned above, we recently started baseball/softball season here, running to the ball park 3-4 nights per week.  It's exhausting!!  I can't imagine a child sitting in a classroom all day, then bustling off to organized events in the evening.  I know we are personally re-evaluating which activities we can limit so as to enjoy more restful time at home.

Speaking of rest, I leave you with our youngest feigning nap time.  I think it's the smile that gives him away....


  1. We are reading The Secret Garden aloud at breakfast right now! I am shocked by how much my husband and son like it. Also, every time Mary or Colin say they want to meet Dickon, I am in full agreement. We need more Dickons in the world.

  2. Yes, we definitely need more Dickons :)