Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A Little About Us...

Hey, I'm Melissa, welcome to my corner of the world! Here I blog on the banks of Drywood Creek about education, Charlotte Mason, homeschooling, books, daily life on the farm, and whatever else ails me.

On the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, I totter between ENTJ and ESTJ.  It's a fine line, but either way, I'm down to earth, decisive, and a recovering box checker. Because I didn't find a community in my area that supported my homeschool vision, I created one. I love bringing like minded people together to ponder a plethora of ideas. This is how I came to lead a Charlotte Mason Study Group, where we contemplate what it means to be educated, not only through the methods of Charlotte Mason, but also classically through christian principles and the ancient tradition. In 2016, I also started a local Schole Sisters group.

Some may like to know that I am a native of my community. I have deep roots and yet, I wander. I long to follow Jesus and find comfort in His grace. I am also a self proclaimed bibliophile, who's motto is "never too many books, but rather not enough shelves". I aspire to be the change I wish to see in the world.

We're currently in our 10th year of homeschooling our kids! We have a homeschool and public school graduate. You can find our full Homeschool Journey here

This is definitely my better half of sixteen years, affectionately know as "The Farmer". He is the third generation on this land, through which, Drywood Creek flows.

Farming is in his blood. He loves making hay, raising cattle, being out of doors, and spending time with family. He keeps me grounded when my lofty ideals could potentially carry me away.

The Farmer and I were blessed with three children by birth, whom I love spending time with. We read many living books and muse much.

RileyAnn is currently in 7th grade.  She enjoys animals, baking, reading, softball, and all things American Girl. Riley also loves the outdoors and is our nature study aficionado.  She works, both on and off the farm, raising calves, babysitting, and house cleaning. 

Ruben is in 6th grade.  He enjoys hunting, farming, baseball, football, and the 4-wheeler he was able to purchase with funds from a summer job.  He continues to work a few hours a week on a neighboring horse farm. He graduated from the Children's Dyslexia Center last May and has made great gains in his studies since.

Levi is an unofficial preschooler since I don't believe in scheduling early childhood. He provides us with our daily dose of entertainment. Levi enjoys tagging along with The Farmer and Ruben, hunting and farming. He is also a big help in the kitchen and loves to snuggle up with a good picture book. You can often find him barefoot or with boots on the wrong feet playing outdoors.

It is my mission to empower other homeschooling families in real life, with real kids and in real time. It may not always look pretty in the day to day, but it will come out the wash as they say. Here you will find ideas for planning your homeschool, book lists for reading, and thoughts about education through daily living. Life is a journey. Won't you come along...

Drywood Creek


  1. Hi Melissa, love your update! RileyAnn is quite the young woman now. Don't the years fly? Wishing you a great year and may your efforts to reach out & bless others be poured back into your own life. X

  2. Thanks Carol...yes, the years do fly! It's bittersweet.