Saturday, February 25, 2017

Weekly Reflections - Week Twenty-Four....

At Home

Oh my!...What a difference a day makes! We've had a week of record setting above normal temps here in WI...I mean where all the ice went over the dam and there was virtually no snow left.  Early in the week, we were in short sleeves and sweatshirts. Some crazies at my house were even in shorts with bare feet, ahem!

Anyway, Thursday night, this big cold front blew in, bringing close to a foot of snow. Today is sunny, but blustery with drifting snow blowing across the field. We had a taste of spring if only for a fleeting moment before reality set in. Hopefully, in a couple of weeks, it will all be history and the spring like temps will be here to stay.

Book work happened, but man was it hard with that nice weather.  We ended up schooling early morning and evening to take advantage of the 60-degree sunny afternoons. These are the days I'm so grateful for homeschooling.

This week we moved into Ancient Rome. I started reading aloud Augustus Caesar's World by Genevieve Foster. Riley has completed other books in this series by Foster, but this is my first. I'm looking forward to it.

Around the Web

Over at Edsnapshots, Kate Snow posted 8 Ways to Make Math More Fun. If your math program has gone stale, Kate shares some great tips for bringing it back to life.

Have you seen these FREE Charlotte Mason style lessons to accompany the McGuffey Readers? They look really good and Sherry even offers videos to show you how to use her plan.

In Classical Education Resources, Stacey gives a great list for learning more about classical education.

This week, I listened to Jennifer Dow and Pam Barnhill talk about Tension in Morning Time.  This is not necessarily the tension between parent and child, but rather internal conflicts with mom who skips morning time.  The podcast shows the epitome of reality.

Since we have amassed thousands of books in our home, I always tease that we live in a library. Growing Up in a Library is Exactly as Magical as You'd Imagine put a smile on my face. I believe it's the best way to grow :)