Saturday, February 18, 2017

Weekly Reflections - Week Twenty-Three...

At Home

Riley and Ruben are finishing up archery this week. They signed up through 4-H and had a blast. Today Ruben moves on to air rifle and Riley's signing up for softball. It looks to be another busy spring ahead.

Speaking of spring, it was in the 50's yesterday!  This is very abnormal for February in WI, but hey, we'll take it! The whole next week looks to be much above normal average temperatures.

Regarding academics, Ruben finished up Greece this week so we're moving on to Rome.  I think we are going to join in on Riley's Beautiful Feet study. Three of the HOD Creation to Christ books are the same as BF's and I really like the BF history guide better. I'll be working out a plan over the next couple of days and will post when it all comes together.

Around the Web

I enjoyed Lisa Kelly's Thoughts on "Children's Books". Be sure to click the "Children's Books" link in the second paragraph. There is a delightful list at the end of the article!

Do you have the February blues? Mystie Winckler shares her Secret Weapon for Beating a Bad Attitude in our Homeschool.

Upon hearing Dr. Christopher Perrin speak at the CiRCE Regional Conference on The Monastery School, the topic of a domestic monastery came up in our CM Study Group. Afterward, one of our members sent us The Domestic Monastery, which I found interesting and have been contemplating since.

I've also been thinking a ton about Plutarch since two of the three books I'm reading aloud to Ruben have referenced his Parallel Lives this week. In Plutarch, Polio, and Philopoemen, Nancy Kelly shares a wonderful story and correspondence she received 7 years after meeting a classics professor while traveling.

Brandy hit it home this week in Are You Sabotaging Your Charlotte Mason Homeschool? It's so easy to get wrapped up in the curriculum and lose sight of our goal, but herein lies perspective.

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