Monday, October 16, 2017

Middle School Chemistry in Morning Time...

As part of our Morning Time study, we've been working through The Mystery of the Periodic Table by Benjamin D. Wiker and The Elements by Theodore Gray using Ambleside Online's Year 6 rotating schedule. Every other week, I read from each book. For example, Week One, I read Chapter One of The Mystery of the Periodic Table. Then Week Two, I read about a specific element in The Elements. Week Three, I went back and read Chapter Two from ...Mystery of...Periodic Table, Week Four, we read about another element, and so on and so forth.

In addition to the above mentioned reading, I've added a notebooking component to our study. At the beginning of the year, I gave Riley and Ruben a blank periodic table. As we read about a variety of elements in The Mystery of the Periodic Table, they plug them into their table. Then every other week, as we read about a particular element from The Elements, they write about and illustrate a picture on a blank page of something representative of that element. At the end of the year, I will bind these pages with my ProClick binder into their own personal chemistry notebooks. They initially decided they wanted to bind blank paper as opposed to using a spiral or sewn composition notebook.

So far, it's been a wonderful study! I really enjoyed looking at their pages. So much so, that I decided to join them in the notebooking venture. However, I opted to use a sewn composition notebook for my study. Below are samples of our pages....


  1. What a great idea. I'm so doing this when my little is older. I'll have to bookmark this or I'll forget by then. Now don't go taking this blog offline for at least the next 12-13 years please. ;)

  2. Ha, that's hilarious Cynthia! Thanks for your enthusiasm :)

  3. We are enjoying some keeping alongside these books also. I find I am learning so much from the History of the Periodic Table book! I finally feel like I am getting some (simplified, of course) grasp of the development of thought in chemistry. So exciting!