Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cowboy Story

Our girls are really enjoying Language Lessons by Sandi Queen from Queen Homeschool.  A few weeks ago, RileyAnn did a picture study of Frederick Remington's oil painting titled "The Cowboy".

Then she spent several weeks copying a poem by Bob "Reeves" Axtell.  Yesterday, she reread the poem she had copied and drew a picture of what she thought when she read the poem.

Today, for creative writing, she went back to Remington's painting and wrote a story about the cowboy and his horse.

Here's her story....

 “Giddy-up Bronze”, yelled Joe, as Bronze galloped down the steep slope. Joe was a cowboy and Bronze was his horse.  They were on a cattle drive with five other cowboys driving 200 head of cattle to Mexico where Joe lived.  They had bought the cattle in Texas and now Joe and Bronze were both eager to get home.  Joe wanted to brand the cows and Bronze was eager because he missed his nice warm stall and good oats.  The green grass was good, but Bronze liked his oats much better.  Both Bronze and Joe were wore out from the week long journey and were very glad to see things that they recognized like the big neighboring ranches and the fields of oats that Bronze loved so much.  Finally, they were home.  As Joe, Bronze and the other five cowboys rode up the driveway, Joe thought of how good he would sleep tonight in his own bed.  The End

I really enjoy watching their creativity come to life.

Last night RileyAnn told me she'd like to write a book set in "pioneer days".  She said she's been working for a couple of weeks on her list of characters.  I believe she was inspired by the wife of one of The Farmer's cousins.  We've been blessed with spending time with family we don't see that often over the last couple of weeks.  Once to celebrate a 94th birthday and once for a funeral.  You never know what the kids will take from these experiences.

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