Monday, May 7, 2012

Mini Blogging Sabbatical

I can't believe nearly two weeks have past since my last blog post.  It's been sooooo crazy here!!  Here's a brief update as to what we've been up to.....

I had a high risk ultrasound and thankfully our baby's heart and spine look good at this point.  We will be having weekly check-ups until he's born.

Grandma had cataract surgery.  She's unable to put the drops in so I've assembled a team to assist with this.  She's a week out and seems to be doing well.  We have more follow-up appointments for her.

Jennifer took her driver's test.  Unfortunately, she didn't pass, but it's for the best as she'll have more time to practice and gain confidence.  We'll continue to chauffeur until then.

We attempted to attend a used curriculum/book sale.  However, after driving over 100 miles, there was a semi tipped over that stalled traffic big time.  So approx. 5 miles from our destination, we waited in a traffic jam.  We traveled 3 miles in just over 1 hour.  It was terrible!  Upon arriving at the sale 1.5 hours late, it was pretty picked over.  I was able to find Angel's chemistry course for fall and a few odds and ends, but mostly disappointment.

The Farmer's aunt passed away and we attended the funeral 3 hours away.  She lived a good life and it was nice to see family, but unfortunate that years go by in between.

And the usual mix, cooking, cleaning, laundry, ball games, haircuts, thrift sales....... life goes on :)

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