Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pinatas and Parties

After studying Mexico and reading about pinatas, RileyAnn wanted to surprise Angel for her Birthday.  She decided to create a fish pinata.

Here are her steps:

1. Blow up a balloon

2. Use water and glue or Mod Podge and coat balloon with newspaper, leaving a small 2" section uncovered

3. Wait for it dry and repeat 3+ times, depending on desired strength

4. Pop Balloon through 2" uncovered section pull out the balloon

5. When final coat is dry, paint or decorate as your heart desires

6. Stuff with treats or money or whatever is fun through the 2" hole

7. Drill or cut a hole for string to hang

8. Invite friends and family

9. Blind fold them and hit away.......

Angel was surprised....

We had a great time breaking it....

So much fun, that the girls decided to make another for Ruben's birthday.  Of course it had to be green and yellow.  You know....John Deere and Green Bay Packer colors ;-)

Here's our little cowboy trying to smash it....

Even his pregnant mom took a turn....

Unfortunately, we had trouble getting the string to hold it up.  After several attempts at retying, the young kids just beat it open on the ground. 

A good time was had by all!

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