Monday, January 20, 2014

High School Economics...

Angel just finished the core of her Economics course.  She is in her 12th grade year, completing one semester of Econ and one semester of Personal Finance.  The main Economics study was based on A Beka Economics Work & Prosperity.  However, she is also reading and referencing: Whatever Happened to Penny Candy by Richard Maybury; A Bluestocking Guide: Economics by Jane WilliamsEconomics: A Free Market Reader by Jane Williams & Kathryn Daniels.    

Several times throughout the study, Angel commented on how much she was learning and enjoying Economics.  We are not huge fans of text books.  A Beka is one of my least favorites simply because of the number of books required to teach each course.  We needed six books for this one semester course!  However, I will say this particular course did spark her interest.  She stated A Beka Economics was "good overall".  She found the "Reviews" at the end of each assigned reading helpful.  She further stated she was not crazy about the "Think Questions" because they were thought provoking and the answers were not readily available in the reading.  I think "thought provoking" is great!  I was actually reassured to hear this. 

Angel has since moved on to reading the Uncle Eric books mentioned above and published by Bluestocking Press.  I think studying from a variety of sources, analyzing, and comparing is an important piece to learning.  She is really excited about the Uncle Eric books as she feels they are written in a friendly conversational manner.  I believe Uncle Eric is writing letters regarding Economics to his 9th grade nephew so the language flows well and terminology is explained.  Angel also said she really likes the articles in Economics: A Free Market Reader.  The commentary and questions in the Bluestocking Guide pull it all together.

Overall, I am pleased with the books we chose for Economics and would recommend them for a high school Economics study. 

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